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  1. How to structure beliefs correctly to stop thinking about ex
  2. Super Ego beliefs
  3. Questions we ask ourselves
  4. Control freak
  5. Re-phrasing Global Beliefs for BB?
  6. Subjective truth
  7. Have been / had been / was
  8. Beliefs and Dogma
  9. How to phrase - money beliefs
  10. How many times do I run the belief blaster on a specific belief?
  11. More Freedom - What you believe you are vs. what you believe you "should" be
  12. Dealing with Oppositions
  13. How do I know it worked?
  14. love / loss / fear
  15. Belief Blasters and WRITING!
  16. Money Beliefs: Question
  17. aphantasia - No mind's eye
  18. Simple Versus Complex Beliefs
  19. Change "can" into past tense
  20. What are the typical beliefs that surround betrayal?
  21. How do I know what my beliefs are?
  22. What to do with important memories that arise during belief blasting?
  23. Belief Blasters
  24. What next?
  25. When it was 100% true in the past...
  26. Phrasing help on fear of risk belief
  27. Blasting "positive" beliefs
  28. Find your biggest negative core beliefs - A DIY guide to change limiting beliefs
  29. Blasters with Positive: In Sequence or "Pooling"?
  30. Belief Blasters, Close Eyes?
  31. Where to focus.
  32. fears and phrasing
  33. Belief Blasters and Past Tense Confusion
  34. Beliefs about wants
  35. "able to" ???
  36. PSTEC Belief Blasters - Amazing Success Story
  37. "it" vs. "i"
  38. Self worth attached to money?
  39. Confusion on a certain belief..
  40. Question
  41. Where to begin with Belief Blasters?
  42. Physical illness
  44. Belief Blasters for weight loss
  45. Always and Never in belief statements
  46. Belief Change To Past Tense
  47. belief buster
  48. 23 beliefs to eliminate for natural confidence
  49. Trying hard to believe