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Author Topic: More Freedom - What you believe you are vs. what you believe you "should" be  (Read 166 times)


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Using Belief Blasters in another way. Primarily we think in terms of our beliefs of "what we are" e.g. I'm stupid, I'm not smart etc.

Belief Blasters are EXTREMELY powerful in removing beliefs in a different way which is around "what you think you should be" e.g. "I must be smart" "I must be attractive" ESPECIALLY when it comes to something you can't or don't want to change!

When you remove the belief of what you "should be" you will be amazed at how different your life can be. One example is "I must be good" instilled into most everyone by their parents.

Per the Belief Blaster instructions, if you believe you are a bad person and constantly trying to convince others and yourself that you are good by acting or pretending to be good, you will be living in conflicted suffering. One could remove the belief "I've been a bad person" or remove the belief instilled my mom you should be a good little boy/girl  "I should have been good" Then you can just be you.

Can you do both? SURE!


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