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  1. Building Blocks of the Mind
  2. PSTEC Positive Track2
  3. What order should I listen to the downloads in?
  4. Chronic dizziness-medically no answer
  5. Stuttering issues
  6. Migraine Headache
  7. PSTEC accelerators everyday!?
  8. Spider phobia
  9. Accelerator track
  10. Strategy for a drinking problem
  11. Not remembering the memory
  12. OCD
  13. Positive Suggestions to Get You Started and Using PSTEC Consistently
  14. Dealing with fear when feelings are only present in fearful situations
  15. So many options
  16. Tapping on live situations
  17. Emotions vs memories
  18. problems coming back?
  19. Using kinesiology muscle testing to ask the subconscious what to aim for next.
  20. Not english speaker, can i get the most out of PSTEC?
  21. overspending
  22. Why Technique
  23. Meta beliefs
  24. Frustration - Tip: The secret feeling to remove first for more freedom faster
  25. Confused on how to approach the Guilt and Shame
  26. How To Download Files to IOS Ipad Iphone - Copy to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox
  27. passion??
  28. Lying down
  29. How to write suggestions to be a Don Juan\Ladies Man
  30. PSTEC Level 1 advice
  31. pstec negative statement help
  32. simple protocol??
  33. attentiveness and openness
  34. Clarity On The Process
  35. Is it better to use click tracks 'on demand'?
  36. wealth attraction using PSTEC
  37. clear the weeds and then plant the fruit trees
  38. PSTEC during/before triggering situations ?
  39. Not feeling safe
  40. Binge eating and PSTec
  41. Caffeine/Coffee Addiction
  42. Fear of failure or maybe fear of success... don't know where to start from
  43. eliminating or reducing racism
  44. How do I deal with psychological reversal?
  45. Feelings and Beliefs about myself
  46. Need Advice on Business Fear
  47. Can I click track nausea?
  48. How to REALLY try to hold on to the negative memory/feeling with click tracks
  49. Just downloaded the Mindfulness tracks
  50. How many tracks per session? Switching b/w negative thoughts in one session?