View full version: Free Basic PSTEC Audio Package (featuring the Click Tracks)
  1. Can a child use it?
  2. Falling asleep during Click Tracks
  3. Physical reactions to Click Tracks
  4. Getting all the click tracks I need
  5. Physical alternative to tapping
  6. Techniques to bring the negative 'material' to the click track table?
  7. Sick, scared and desperate. Where to start using click tracks?
  8. During the click tracks, Tim keeps talking and talking... Must I listen?
  9. What disturbing images exactly to focus on during click tracks?
  10. New here. Where does one start?
  11. Is it possible to use basic clicktracks when TV is on in the background?
  12. About click-tapping "current circumstances" than "memories"/"imagined outcomes"
  13. Physical discomfort doing the tapping
  14. Stuck client
  15. Will the Click Tracks work when English is my second language
  16. Feeling irritable when doing the Click Tracks
  17. Adapting too quickly to the Click Tracks
  18. Ran the click track and still have emotional charge
  19. Focus and questions on how to use the Click Tracks
  20. How often can I play the Click Tracks
  21. 10 minutes of Click Track is a long time to focus
  22. Mind wanders during the PSTEC Click Tracks
  23. Interruptions while doing PSTEC Click Tracks
  24. Trouble Hanging onto emotions while doing the Click Tracks
  25. Switching focus