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  1. Magic Sentences ( Attraction Phobia ) Confused if I am doing them right?
  2. Multiple use of one magic sentence?
  3. Grading the sentences
  4. Tell us what topics you want to see in Magic Sentences ...
  5. Having Trouble Remembering Each Sentence
  6. How Many Magic Sentences At One Time
  7. Writting the senteces down and frustration.
  8. What results have people had with Magic Sentences
  9. Magic Sentences
  10. Attraction Phobia – Men seeking Women
  11. MOVED: PP for Extreem Self confidence
  12. New Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia
  13. Magic Sentences - is it possible to work out the reversed sentences
  14. Writing down magic sentences
  15. Magic Sentences and resulting panic
  16. magic sentences and sleep.
  17. How are the reverse sounds made?