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  1. PSTEC with good memories
  2. Law of Attraction with PSTEC - How to Manifest What You Want Subconscious Mind
  3. Motivation to do something
  4. Hypnotic Time Machine is an absolute miracle worker! Grief, Anger, Shame ETC.
  5. Hypnotic Time Machine
  6. PDF Guides.
  7. Clearing Difficult or Stuck Feelings and Emotional Problems With Positive Tracks
  8. Falling asleep
  9. Past lives discussion
  10. Media
  11. PSTEC Register
  12. How To Use Free PSTEC Tools To Start Turning Your Life Around Fast
  13. Looking for suggestions to stop vaping
  14. Forum Case Study - Avoidant Personality Disorder APD
  15. Behind the curtains
  16. Stop Swearing
  17. Hynotherapy Training with Tim
  18. Stubborn Emotions - Tips on How to Clear Stuck Feelings Faster
  19. My current job situation
  20. Your Dreams Are Your Reality - How To Interpret Your Dreams & Reveal the Meaning
  21. MOVED: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo
  22. Unattractive
  23. Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder - Cure PTED w PSTEC - Scrooge Syndrome Cured
  24. Clients emotions getting worse after click track
  25. Arbitrary CTs vs fixated tapes
  26. Reality Transurfing with PSTEC - How to Transurf With Your Subconscious Mind
  27. Being honest
  28. Education- You're amazing
  29. Programming Happiness?
  30. PEAT
  31. Looking for suggestions - negative beliefs re Piano
  32. What's The Result Of This Belief Change?
  33. Values vs Patterns
  34. Biggest Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned With PSTEC
  35. Product Purchase Question
  36. Holiday/Christmas stress
  37. You are amazing...
  38. Stop vaping???
  39. The Anger Flush - Get started w PSTEC - Intentionally Release Anger
  40. No More Anger / No More Anxiety - How Often to Use?
  41. Hair loss...
  42. Using PSTEC with Emo-Physical Issues (i.e. TMJ and Sleep Apnea)
  43. My Journey With Think and Grow Rich
  44. Confused affiliate
  45. MOVED: PSTEC Belief Blasters - Amazing Success Story
  46. Ho'oponopono with Journey Track & Relaxing Accelerators
  47. PSTEC and Hayfever
  48. Cleaning your house (cubicle, office, basement, garage etc)
  49. PSTEC Click Tracks for Exam Nerves
  50. No More Anger/Anxiety for kids?