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Author Topic: Reality Transurfing with PSTEC - How to Transurf With Your Subconscious Mind  (Read 561 times)


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Hi Tomas,

Thank you for posting. You are most welcome.

You are spot on and had been using CT 2015 as per the instructions.  This will, of course, work brilliantly. Through experimentation, I found that running the long track on one "stubborn" issue or memory can prove to be a highly effective strategy.

It would not be the starting point naturally, but is certainly worth trying this out.

Once again, please advise how you get on with that, as it will prove useful to other PSTEC users.

Take care,

Paul  :)
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Practicing transurfing took me here, literally!

Ive been transurfing for the last months. Its an amazing way to view reality and one that truly works!

However, the hardest part for me for practicing transurfing, is not desiring the objective, and lowering its importance. I think I have most of the other stuff aligned properly, but couldnt totally handle this one.

There it says, go with the flow. Im starting to really feel this one last weeks.

One day I was searching something in google about transurfing. Then I saw this post! Didnt seem too related. Something about combining Transurfing and PSTEC? no idea what PSTEC was. However beeing curious by nature, I read the post, and started investigating more and...

omg ....... best discovery of my life, after transurfing!

you could say the universe aligned so I could find PSTEC. And PSTEC made my transurfing better! and my life in general!

Just wanted to share this strange and wonderful "coincidence"  ::)


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