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PSTEC is fantastic for a fear of flying. As Peter said go to the first time you remember being anxious - clear that. Then clear anything else where you notice anxiety.
It's worth running the click track on any feelings of being trapped / having no control as I've found that often comes into play as well.

Procrastination / Re: Perfectionism, Hoarding, Procrastination
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:04:47 AM »
Hi Nemo
It sounds as though you are getting somewhere but there are still layers that remain a problem.
Have you done the CT on specific experiences where you were feeling like you didn't have a say? And on being criticized? And feeling like a slave? Go to a few of these specific experiences and clear all the emotions. The rest of any similar experiences should hopefully drop away as they will be linked.
If you have cleared out all the negative emotions you may consider using the positive tracks to install the behaviours that you do want.
Please let us know how you get on  :)

Hi Julie
I totally agree :-)
It's an amazing process indeed and and I still sit in awe watching clients free themselves of issues in an incredibly short time that have been with them for years and years.
Keep up the good work. As you drop more and more old limiting issues you'll just feel consistently better.
Keep us posted and good luck!

Hi Julie
It's great to see you working on removing sugars from your diet - the research is increasingly showing them to be very influential in the obesity epidemic.
Firstly I would suggest you work on the emotional pull that sugar has for you before attempting to use Positive statements. It's easy to do - just imagine the candy/chocolate etc and get the desire for it as high as you can. Make a note of the number out of 10 that you desire it. Then run the click track on that desire. Please note that when you're running the click track you are feeling the desire... don't change that feeling into anything negative or else it won't work. (Food cravings are different than traumas - the desire feels very positive so it can be confusing. Just remember that although it FEELS positive this food will actually make you fat and sick so it is negative... does that make sense?)
Run the click track until the desire has come down to zero.
Then use the Positives. You will probably find that the statement 'I eat only healthy nutritious food' feels perfect.
Hope that helps.

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