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Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: No More Anxiety & Anger
« on: July 07, 2019, 11:48:19 AM »
Thanks Brian, i'll try listening without laying down and actively listening. I think i must find Tim's voice too relaxing haha! Perhaps since using the relaxation accelerator just before bed i have created a pavlovian response in myself.  :o

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / No More Anxiety & Anger
« on: July 06, 2019, 03:12:48 PM »
Hi, i have recently started listening to the no more anxiety and anger tracks. I keep falling asleep during them, this isn't much of a problem during the relaxation accelerator before bed but will the tracks still do their work if i am dozing or asleep? It's the kinds of sleepiness that comes with being deep in hypnosis and either drifting in and out of awareness or totally gone. Perhaps it is because i am laid down.

Also, is it safe to use them while driving? (Provided i wasn't falling asleep during them obviously, they don't seem to have the same warning as wealth of abundance or embracing change). I might avoid it just to be safe but just wondering what you think?


Tell us About your PSTEC Story / Re: Interesting reactions
« on: February 07, 2019, 05:43:48 AM »
Hi Paul,

                 Thank you for your reply. R.e. people pleasing yes I have struggled with it as long as i can remember and it is something i have been trying to combat although it has been tough to do so! I am hoping with PSTEC i'll be able to 'grease the wheels' as it were and start building more healthy behaviours. I would like to choose my behaviours rather than do things out of reaction and habit and then feel bad afterwards.
It's definitely a survival strategy that i learned in response to criticism from parents, peers, school system and eventually partners so i'll work on some of the memories around that.

I am feeling a little daunted by what seems to be a 'mountain' of issues  facing me (i have a lot of strong patterns which are all interlinked and serve to 'trap' me quite effectively while sustaining each other- i have a good awareness of my patterns and thoughts but am still struggling with taking action) so i may post some on the forum if i am brave enough and hopefully i can start clearing some of them soon.

I have the belief blasters as well as PQT and have recently purchased click track 2015 so hopefully i have a good range of tools to work with now.

Thanks again for your feedback Paul  :)


Tell us About your PSTEC Story / Interesting reactions
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:29:00 PM »
It's early days with PSTEC for me but i thought i'd post about a few interesting experiences with it.
I've primarily been using it to process past work memories and projected future work fears i have used the free tracks twice in the past few days.
The first time after the fourth play of the free CT i started yawning like crazy, so much that at one point i thought my jaw was going to unhinge, i just couldn't seem to stop! My eyes were watering fit to bust too. I have had this happen a bit with EFT and it seems to suggest a shifting of emotion?

So i decided to try it last night before bed for work today, i used the free CTs again, i focussed on what i have felt/would feel about the very worst situations i may encounter at work. I took them to the very worst conclusions and tried really feeling the anger and shame i often feel and eventually memories came up about really angry customers in the past etc.
About halfway through the 3rd click track round i started giggling fit to bust, i started grinning widely and i couldn't stop myself the memory of this customer throwing a tantrum in front of his own child because i did my job (i wouldnt let him into a secure area he wasn't allowed into that he demanded to go in to-  basically he suffered from 'do you know who i am?-itis') became hilarious, the fact i had been carrying round shame because HE was upset and screamed that i provided bad customer service (i regularly get compliments on my customer service... but we always focus on the one negative in ten positives don't we?) just seemed ridiculous.
I behave in an extreme people pleasing way and i feel utter shame if anyone is unhappy with me which is something i intend working on with PSTEC in future.
So with people pleasing and difficulty saying no you can imagine how hard it is working in customer service, it's exhausting.

 After i stopped laughing this beautiful warm floaty feeling came over me, i felt like my body was light and floating but also solid in places.... almost like i was present and certain in my body. I could really feel the pillow behind my head and the weight and pressure of my legs against the quilt under my knees. If you told me i had been drugged i would have agreed!
It was beautiful but also really freaky. I still felt a bit like laughing after and i had the hint of a smile.

As for work today? I still didn't want to go but i didn't feel as fatalistic and down about it as i did earlier, i felt more neutral.
I wonder has anyone else experienced similar? Is this a sign of stuff shifting? A fluke? Or have i just finally cracked!

Whatever it is i am looking forward to using pstec more.

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