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Hi Fran,

Thanks for your messages. My apologies for the late reply.

You can absolutely start with Belief Blasters, as you already have experience with the Click Tracks.

It's not necessarily either/or, as all the tracks work synergistically and in isolation.

The great thing is: you don't have to figure it all out. Just engage with the tracks and your sub will work for you.

Another approach is simply to CT the feelings of resistance and that strong desire to be perfect.

Some big beliefs that tend to stop people from going "all in" with PSTEC include:

"Change takes too long"
"It's too difficult"
"I am unhelpable"
"I have to do it perfectly"

Those (as well as the feelings linked to it) can be blasted.

So, yes, I think your approach of doing BB and then referring back to the CTs would be very effective.

Hope that helps. Please keep us updated, Fran.

Best Regards,

Paul  :)

Hi Paul,

thank you very much for your answer.

I really appreciate your guidance.

I particularly appreciated the fact you provided me with specific statements. There's a few that hit me quite painfully. So, I guess you went right to the core issue!

So, I'm going to buy both products and I'll start working on those.  :)

I have one more question for you, if I may ask.

I saw "How to Achieve Almost Anything - The Easy Way" and I was wondering if this product too could help me with my goals. I liked the fact it's a tutorial that provides you with even more information about the tools and how to use them.

Would you recommend that to me, as well, giving my situation?

Thanks a lot, Paul. I truly appreciate your help.

Hi Tarmicle,

You're very welcome.

Please let us know how you get on.

I do recommend "How to Achieve Almost Anything - The Easy Way", as it contains a lot of brilliant information.

However, it is probably more vital that you start with the work - clearing the unwanted emotions and beliefs.

Once you do, the package you referenced and the following Free Tracks will also help:

- Embracing Change (
- You are Amazing! (
- Mindfulness with PSTEC (
- How to Never Fail (

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Paul  :)

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: No More Anxiety & Anger
« on: July 07, 2019, 04:08:57 PM »
Hi Ammy,

Thanks for your post.

Further to what Brian has written, you could also experiment with running those particular tracks at a faster playback speed. You could run it at x1.5 speed; this might be another way to engage your mind.

There are various programs and apps which allow you to alter the playback speed of audio tracks. You may have one already.

Alternatively or additionally, if you have any of the PSTEC Positive packages, you might also be able to layer in a suggestion like:

- "When I listen to Tim's voice, I remain completely focused"

I hope this is helpful, Ammy.

All the best,

Paul  :)

Hi Tarmicle,

Thanks very much for posting, sharing your feedback and contributing to the forum.

It is nice to have you with us. I recommend having a trawl through some of the posts here. There are lots of gems.

Based on what you have written, I would also recommend two products:

Belief Blasters (


PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo (

Each of these packages work very well together. Belief Blasters allow you to eliminate beliefs, while Quantum Turbo allows you to install positive suggestions of change.

They are very easy to use - no tapping at all.

However, if you had to choose just one package for now, then I recommend opting for Belief Blasters.

If you do get this, I recommend focusing on the beliefs below.

Say each of these statements out loud and, if they feel true/uncomfortable, blast them  ;)

- "I am not good enough"
- "I am not talented"
- "I am not worthwhile"
- "I am a failure"
- "I am a screw-up"
- "I am doomed"
- "There is something wrong with me"
- "I will never get what I want"
- "I will never get what I need"
- "Things never work out for me"
- "Money is hard to get"
- "Life is a struggle"
- "It happens for others, and not me"
- "If I fail, I'll be rejected"
- "What makes me good enough is doing things perfectly"

There are particular instructions for the Belief Blasters. Imagine how much freer you will feel and act without beliefs like those above.

If you do get Quantum Turbo, you can layer in some brilliant suggestions for your subconscious mind. Each package works very effectively. Together, they are a two-punch combo.

If you are not able to get either package, then I highly recommend continuing to CT the events you cited in your post (e.g. CT the fear of not getting a new job soon, CT the regret/annoyance of not getting a job promotion).

Hope this helps.

Please keep us updated and feel free to dialogue with us.

All the best,

Paul  :D

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Pstec in Italian
« on: July 07, 2019, 03:31:37 PM »
Hi Kiltro,

Thanks for your post and sorry for the late reply.

Firstly, I am really sorry to learn about your mother's diagnosis. I appreciate this has probably been a very difficult time for you, your mother and your family.

I am not aware of any plans to translate the track into Italian, so I would highly recommend running the Click Track while thinking about the diagnosis and the worst-case scenarios you have in mind. This can have a very positive knock-on effect for your mother, as clearing/lessening the negative feelings you have about the diagnosis can be subtly communicated to her.

I would also recommend explaining the Click Track instructions to your mother, advise her where to tap and on what to focus and run the track. Even though it is in English, it is entirely feasible it will have a positive impact on how your mother is feeling.

Of course, the more she runs the track, the more the results stack up.

While not exactly what you were looking for, I hope this workaround helps.

Kind Regards,


Hi Fran,

Thanks for sharing those resources.

I think the author has some very interesting things to say and offers a good model. However, it is just a model. All models need to be tested and, in a bizarre way, the belief "you can't eliminate a negative belief" helps create the model. If you believe it, you'll see and experience it.

I encourage you to test out the model that you CAN eliminate a negative core belief.

To a certain degree, beliefs always make sense at the time they are formed, and when we excavate them (e.g. find them and bring them to conscious awareness), we apply the labels "positive" and "negative." The intent was always to keep us safe. That is a side issue, mind you.

I once had a virus on my PC and it took me a while to find it. I just sensed that something wasn't right. I then researched what the virus was called, what it did and how to delete it. I used 5 anti-virus software programs. The virus remained. The 6th program got rid of it completely. It would have been reasonable for me to conclude beforehand "this virus cannot be removed", but it was not true. I just needed to use the best technology for the job and to persist  ;)

I am not sure what techniques, strategies or technologies the author used to eliminate beliefs. However, I do know that even beliefs people have held for most of their lives can be cleared...and will remain cleared.

You can then layer in better suggestions for your life.

Hope that helps, Fran.

Kind Regards,


Hi Fran,

Thanks very much for taking the time to post.

I appreciate your kind words.

I am sorry you have experienced so many tragedies in your life, and I am delighted you found this technology...because it will help you shift things in a profound way.

You can do all of this with the free tracks, CTing as you go, but I highly recommend acquiring at least one of the belief-elimination packages too. They're invaluable.

There are two sets:

PSTEC Negative (
PSTEC Belief Blasters (

Due to their sheer simplicity in use, I'd recommend Belief Blasters. You can certainly hunt out the emotions and CT them, but the specialised belief-elimination packages make this much more efficient.

Eliminating beliefs tends to make everything else easier.

The following beliefs would be worth "checking in with" (say them out loud and see if they resonate):

- "I am a loser"
- "I am worthless"
- "Life is unfair"
- "Life is cruel"
- "Everything is my fault"
- "I'm not OK"
- "I'll never get what I want"
- "I'll never be truly happy"
- "I'm not good enough"
- "I'm not important"

If you do use Belief Blasters, you would just need to put the belief statement into the past tense, try hard to believe it and...blast it away.

Clearing beliefs like this would have a tremendous impact on your life. If you're unable to acquire these partucular tools, then you can still get a handle on this. Just CT the emotions that are linked to your traumatic memories, any unwanted feelings you have in the moment or any unwanted feelings that show up when you think about the future.

I hope thisis helpful, Fran. Please keep us updated, as we can certainly dialogue about this.

Kind Regards,


Belief Blasters / Re: Metapsychological Beliefs
« on: June 14, 2019, 08:25:00 AM »
Hi Truman,

Thanks for posting.

It is all a model, really. Pain and pleasure, to an extent, are entirely subjective. What one person finds painful, another finds pleasurable...and vice versa.

Of course, there are certain experiences which seem to be universally painful. If you were neutral about everything, which could be achievable, is that the best outcome for you? Judging by your question, I don't think so.

It seems you want to sit with the pain, allow it to be there and to resolve.

As I understand it, however, more spiritual freedom can be attained from giving up the attachment to certain outcomes.

Beliefs are often below conscious awareness, but we can bring them to conscious awareness.

A belief that tends to get in the way is "everything needs to go my way", allied with "I have to be perfect" and "pain is bad."

Eliminating these from your model of reality can create freedom and allow pain to be experienced...and cleared.

Some good suggestions for PQT:

"I now safely navigate pain to be who I was meant to be"
"I am safe to be me now"
"I can absolutely handle and resolve my pain now"
"Pain has a message for me, so I listen to it"
"I am definitely made of strong stuff"
"I use all pain to create a pleasurable life"

Hope that helps, Truman.

All the best,


Tell us About your PSTEC Story / Re: nothing works
« on: June 10, 2019, 03:28:59 PM »
Hi Alakh,

Thanks for your post.

I am sorry you have not had any results yet.

We have corresponded before, so I know you have tried many different modalities.

Sometimes a desperate desire to change, while coming from a good place, CAN impede progress. It can get in the way because, when someone is desperate for something to work (whether it is a modality or a social interaction), it tends to take them out of the present moment.

So, the first thing I would recommend is to CT the annoyance that "nothing works" and that you have had zero results from your efforts and expenses. Allow yourself the opportunity to get really annoyed at this. You may need to run the CT several times.

Also, you could try saying "It is safe to be happy" and see if any thoughts that run counter to that show up.

These can be run through the Belief Blasters.

Also, you may wish to see if these beliefs resonate with you:

- "Nothing could have ever worked for me"
- "Change was impossible"
- "My mind was against me"
- "I was defeated"
- "I could never have been who I wanted to be"
- "Everything was a waste of time"
- "Everything was a waste of money"
- "It was all pointless"

If they do resonate, try hard to believe them whilst running each statement through BB.

I know you have tried various modalities, and this can occasionally lead to confusion, overwhelm etc. when you are using them simultaneously. They all have different methodologies.

Tapping, for example, is just a very small part of PSTEC. It's not a tapping or energy modality. The tapping is just there as a pattern interrupt.

PSTEC's core tracks are composed of many complex and proven psychological elements.

Generally, if PSTEC hasn't worked at all for someone, they:

a) misunderstood the instructions or assumed it WAS a tapping/energy modality....and so incorporated other elements of other modalities.
 b) gave up too soon. Sometimes more persistence is needed.
c) didn't really try to feel the feelings (too painful or too difficult)
d) wanted it to not work in some way, as a way to prove their problem was too complex/unsolvable and thus that nothing worked for them...or ever could.
e) encountered a modality that just didn't resonate with them
f) were not focused on the issue at hand


g) they wanted to retain the problem for some reason (e.g. to make someone "pay for what they did", as getting rid of the problem might let them off the hook)

I recommend giving PSTEC another go, Alakh. Even 15 mins a day can have an impact, as you will be chipping away at everything that bothers you.

Even if you decide not to do that, you absolutely can resolve all your fears and make the changes you desire to make.

Please keep us updated.

Best Regards,


Hi Magsoltech,

Thanks for posting.

I suspect that, if you continue to CT the fear, you will eradicate it. It may just be a case that there are various references to this.

Have you been able to locate any childhood instances where you were called upon to perform (e.g. at school), or put into unfamiliar situations that stretched beyond your comfort zone?

There may be a fear of being embarrassed or humiliated here, so use that in the CTs. Try hard to feel the anticipatory anxiety of getting up to speak and it not going as well as expected.

if you have Belief Blasters, you may be able to get this resolved even more quickly.

The following beliefs would be worth exploring:

- "Mistakes were bad"
- "Failure was bad"
- "I had to be perfect"
- "I had to be slick"
- "I had to be in control"

If you don't, then you could still use PSTEC Positive or PQT on the following:

- "I am now completely at ease when I am asked to speak"
- "When I think about managing the class, I relax deeply now"
- "I will be so calm when managing this class"
- "Everything is going to go so much better than I realised"

Please let us know how you get on with that, Magsoltech.

All the best,


Hi Alistairok,

Thank you for posting, and for your feedback.

Do you have any conscious memory about when you started bracing your midsection around other people?

There will be a reason and subconscious explanation, of course, but you don't have to figure it all out.

Perhaps it was a habit you developed when you felt threatened by or "less than" others.

A couple of approaches with the CTs:

- Try hard to feel those feelings while thinking about other people being around

- Try hard to feel what you normally feel whenever you have braced your midsection. For example, some people feel ashamed or embarrassed if they have exhibited a behaviour they consciously wish to stop.

- Try hard to feel disgust when you think about your body

You could also benefit enormously from tackling this at a belief level. Check in and "feel into" the following beliefs (say them out loud, and see if they feel true or uncomfortable):

- "I wasn't acceptable"
- "I was weird"
- "I was not OK"
- "I had to hold myself in"
- "I was in danger"
- "I had to guard myself"
- "I was unattractive"
- "I looked bad"
- "I was less than others"

If any of these feel true, I recommend running them through the Belief Blasters.

When doing this, try hard to believe the beliefs as "everything up to this point in time."

Check in with the belief after running the BB.

There is quite a bit of work to do here, and you can take your time with it.

Please let us know how you get on with this.

All the best,

Paul  :)

Hi princesuxx,

Thanks for your post.

Brian nailed it.

You don't have to feel the feelings when doing the CTs, per se.

Crucially, you just have to TRY hard to feel them.  This is where the gold can be mined.

How might you have felt when you found out about your dad's diagnosis?

Paul  :)

Hi princesuxx,

Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry for my late reply. I appreciate your patience.

Based on your answers, I suggest the following:

1) CT any feelings you had around your dad's cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. But really, try hard to feel into the shock of it all (as you experienced it then) while running the CT. Getting a diagnosis like that, especially in such an unexpected context, would be shocking for anyone. CT this down to 0 or 1. It may require a few CT rounds.

2) CT how you feel when your family overreact to everything. Our upbringing can influence how we react to people, as we are always modelling others (especially when we are young and impressionable). So, you saw people overreacting, panicking etc. and it probably left you feeling a bit frenzied or on-edge. Moreover, this probably felt normal. Try hard to evoke those feelings while doing the CT.  CT this down to 0 or 1. It may require a few CT rounds.

3) PSTEC works on memories and imagined outcomes. Imagine the worst here and try hard to convince yourself you have a disease, illness etc. Feel how that feels and run a CT on this. CT this down to 0 or 1. Again, this may require a few CT rounds.

4) CT any worries you have about going to the dentist and doctor.

Even though these are written like bullet points, you will have plenty to do here. The key thing is to really try to feel the feelings while thinking about the events/memories/imagined outcomes.

Please let us know how you get on with that.

Best Regards,


Hi princesuxx,

Thanks for your post.

I am sorry you are experiencing hypochondria, as I appreciate it can be very consuming.

It can be very helpful to find causal memories and, if those don't seem to be too accessible, the Accelerator tracks can be very helpful:

They help aid recall and, in general, make all the PSTEC tracks work even more efficiently.

I may need a bit more information about how the hypochondria presents itself. For starters:

- can you recall any specific traumas in your early life?
- what is the payoff to worrying about your health?
- have you or your loved ones had any serious or life-threatening health issues in their lives?
- how did your family react when things didn't go well?
- do you feel worried or anxious about anything else?
- what specifically did you CT?
- what do you believe about yourself?

I look forward to your reply.

Paul  :)

Hi MamaC,

Thanks for your post.

I am sorry your son has been feeling so stressed about his operation. I appreciate it is very difficult to see your loved ones in distress.

I can confirm that PSTEC can absolutely be used by children, and is extremely effective. There are lots of case studies too, and PSTEC has been and is being used very successfully in schools with children as young as 6.

Our kids have used and do use the Click Tracks, and they work brilliantly on a variety of issues.

I recommend just talking your son through how to use the tracks, and ask him to focus on the operation (and being sedated) while running the CT.

Ask him the SUD before and after running the CT.

You could also demo how he can use the tracks - by tapping along yourself. Perhaps you could play the track out loud (no headphones) for the first time. Doing this also helps normalise working through these sorts of worries. Your son can then use the tracks for anything else which bothers him.

I hope this helps and that you also feel reassured.

Please let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,

Paul  :)

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