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Come to think of it since I installed that belief I haven't wanted a single thing except some ice cream last night. Didn't even notice it. Lol thanks for sharing and keep going.

Belief Blasters / Re: Control freak
« on: Today at 11:28:49 AM »
Adding to Paul's comments. It will be beneficial to CT all the experiences of your mother being controlling to you. Also her punishing you for not complying and finally CT all feelings of her extreme domination and also her demandingness. Get these to a 0.

Also you will want to CT the feelings and also Belief Blast I am out of control, I have no control.

Good PQT statements can be

I'm absolutely in complete control from now on I'm totally safe now
Everything is completely under control now I'm absolutely ok now
I'm completely in control of my life from now on

A similar belief to CT and Belief Blast would be "I'm not safe" because it also ties to the need to control to feel safe. Might also do the same with "control kept me safe" if that resonates with you.

Similar PQT suggestions can be used afterwards.

I'm completely in control now that everything is absolutely safe
No matter what happens from now on I'm absolutely safe now
I thought control kept me safe but I was absolutely wrong now


Belief Blasters / Re: Subjective truth
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:35:38 AM »
I often found I intellectualized too much. So instead I began to simply think in terms of "following instructions" and just figure out "what do I want my new instruction to be" as the sub just follows instructions.
Try loading these pqt beliefs...

I thought spiders were really dangerous but I was completely wrong now
Spiders are absolutely safe now I'm completely relaxed around spiders now
Spiders are completely harmless now they're absolutely unimportant now
I feel really calm thinking about spiders now I'm completely ok now
Talking about spiders makes me laugh now I think they're funny

PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Re: Crafting Suggestions
« on: October 09, 2018, 11:36:05 AM »
Thank you, Brian.

I see what you're saying, but in some of your examples, the "now" isn't there. That means that the same effect can be created even without the word "now". The sub can still interpret the suggestion in a variety of ways.

"now as I make much more money Debt is absolutely safe"

It's not that I don't want to use "now". I'm just asking because I like to know the mechanics behind the method / process.

You are right, it can. I've found adding in the extra "now" as well as words like absolutely, centrally, completely, really, certainly, exactly etc make a BIG difference in the power of the suggestion as well.

Belief Blasters / Re: Re-phrasing Global Beliefs for BB?
« on: October 09, 2018, 09:14:17 AM »

Now version:   Cute, sexy, healthy women are never single.

^^ Per the Belief Blaster instructions - You would break this down (it's too complex) and put it in the past tense

Cute women were never single
Sexy women were never single
Healthy women were never single

Now version:   Attractive women don't want to be approached by men.

BB version:  Attractive women didn't want to be approached by men.

^^ Correct

Now version:   Beautiful women only want tall, handsome, famous or rich men.

^^ Per the Belief Blaster instructions - You would break this down (it's too complex) and put it in the past tense as my previous example.


Now version:   People are selfish and unkind.

BB version:   People were selfish and unkind.

^^ Again break this down into single, simple beliefs

People were selfish or people had been selfish
People were unkind OR people were/had been mean

Again, the past tense version sounds silly to me.  Like the world changed and people behave differently?  I understand all of these are subjective beliefs (which I'm trying to reconfigure for a healthier emotional state in myself) but global beliefs are causing me problems.

More than anything, I would love to reverse these (and many other) global beliefs in my subconscious, but I'm struggling with how to articulate them for BB.  Maybe I'm overthinking it?


I think you are. Simply put the belief in the past tense and run the track on it.  No need to intellectualize. All you have to do is follow the instructions as provided with the Belief Blaster recordings. Keep on blasting!

Another great adaptation is to use the words "give up" instead of let go

It's absolutely safe to completely give up of my feelings about __________ now

PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Re: Crafting Suggestions
« on: October 08, 2018, 11:34:21 AM »
If you are quickly looping the suggestion as per the instructions, the extra now can create "variety" in the suggestion and it also makes it a little more obscure for the sub to take interest in it.

Debt is absolutely safe now as I make much more money now

YOu can see that this can also be interpreted by the sub as:

now Debt is absolutely safe
now as I make much more money Debt is absolutely safe
I make much more money now

Same for:

I'm absolutely powerful enough now to completely change my life now

I'm absolutely powerful enough
I'm absolutely powerful enough now
I'm absolutely powerful enough now to completely change
to completely change my life now I'm absolutely powerful

I find it hard to visualise and remember a successful moment in my past to anchor in that success state.

You might try to CT the feelings of it being hard to remember.

Hello Brian,

Stop hoping that this will help it has absolutely helped me.

I absolutely will!

Wonderful adaptation of the suggestions. You may explore a little deeper what is actually at the root of the anxiety. It could be loneliness - which often times we can't feel or we're unaware it's there because we have so much going on -  or hurt, upset, grief, shame, a person who attacked you... NICE WORK! :)

Many time a slight shift can make you become more aware of the larger - root - problem a few days later.

Thank you and enjoy the shift!

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Falling asleep
« on: October 04, 2018, 09:30:34 AM »
Hi Brian,

thank you for you post. Just to clarify, in the bully incident example, would you use PSTEC Positive or PQT?

The bullying example I gave is for Positive/Positive Extra Power however, it also works with PQT.

Same would go for "I'm always absolutely wide awake anytime I do PSTEC now"

You could use PP/EP and just imagine all of this feeling really pumped up and energetic, wide awake, full of energy.

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Falling asleep
« on: October 04, 2018, 09:09:51 AM »
Thank you for the suggestions guys...

Paul, I haven't been running Quantum Turbo or PSTEC Positive lately. I have been mostly focusing on Belief Blasters with some CT/EEF/2015 tracks thrown in here and there.

I'm gonna follow your advice and layer in these statements. I assume it would be best to use PQT?

PQT is WAY powerful, however...I do use the other positive tracks from time to time (they still absolutely work wonders) because I really like the ability to imagine and feel a different outcome for a specific problem.

e.g. "It's absolutely safe to completely let go of my feelings about/for _____ now" so for instance a bully incident. I can imagine the bully apologizing me, I accept and forgive them, we are now friends, we go ride bikes together, play basketball together and laugh about it. Then usually about 2-3 days later I notice here come all the bad feelings (once the suggestion really sets in) and I just CT them away. Often times it's upset, hurt or grief. Problem gone.

Hi everyone - I often get folks who private message me about creating suggestions for PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo. As others have mentioned, PQT is powerful enough to often times collapse entire problems and behaviors - provided you have a really well worded suggestion. It's been said by many PSTEC Practitioners in their posts, book and yes, Tim has offered it throughout his tutorials.

It can be overwhelming to some to attempt to create the right suggestion. They become impatient, get frustrated, have doubt in the tools and even stall or give up. (All great things to CT!) So rather than get into a long post about how to word suggestions, here is a single suggestion that has worked wonders for me time and time again. It can create tremendous shifts enough on it's own.

I'm absolutely ______________ enough exactly as I already am now

If you want to test this, I would suggest to first simply install the suggestion

I'm absolutely enough exactly as I already am now

From there, you can use the example I have provided above and fill in the blank with any "worth" related word you want. e.g.

In control (you can tweak the wording to I absolutely have enough control)

I always use the 15 min PQT with this suggestion. The key to effectiveness with PQT is to really try hard to say the power words loudly with your inner voice as loud and forceful with as much power as you possibly can. This will make a massive difference in the results of PQT for you.

You can follow it up with a slightly similar suggestion if you want to add a little more power using the 10 min track with:

I'm absolutely ______________  now completely as I already am now

You can then add on even more suggestions of your desire to step it up e.g. "I'm absolutely worthy now of anything I want now" "I'm absolutely worthy of (a $100k salary/more money) now I completely deserve it now" and I find that the 10 min version is powerful enough for these once you have the primary suggestion in. Often times subsequent suggestions aren't even necessary until you want to get more specific.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has posted here and to Tim for creating this life changing tool certainly worthy of a Nobel Prize. Hope this helps and any feedback of your results are absolutely always welcome.

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: PDF Guides.
« on: October 03, 2018, 01:20:10 PM »
Adding to Paul's comments. I could be wrong, but it seems like the instructional recordings are lined with positive suggestions to help you subconsciously remember the training info.

A person would miss the opportunity to realize the benefits of this through PDF.

I recently passed the free cancer package to a friend. I listened to the instructions for it out of curiosity. Not surprisingly, I felt really wonderful after listening to it. When I hear Tim's words... :)

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Falling asleep
« on: October 03, 2018, 01:15:54 PM »
Here's a few more to add to Paul's list. I'm borrowing from a few he posted previously elsewhere - giving full credit of course! :) Thank you, Paul!

I'm completely switched on now while I'm doing the work now
I'm full of energy now whenever I do the work now
PSTEC makes me feel wide awake as I do it now

There are lots of example of using pstec positive on the forum here so I'm  simply sharing some suggestions that have worked wonders to help folks clear a specific problem more easily. You can use pstec positive, positive extra and even Positive Quantum Turbo with this. Person, place or thing...

It's absolutely safe to completely let go of my feelings about __________ now

You can follow it with another statement

All of my feelings about ___________ are completely unimportant now

I feel much better/really good when I think about ___________  now

If you listen to the relaxing accelerator afterwards and imagine and feel the problem ending in a new and different, more positive way, what i find is that a day or two later you will be reminded of the worst feelings about the problem and it's very easy to clicktrack it away at that point.

You can also do a general statement such as:

It's absolutely safe to completely let go of my bad feelings now
I can completely release all of my bad feelings It's easy (easier) now
It's totally safe to feel my bad emotions now I'm ok now
I'll be absolutely ok without my negative feelings now I'm completely fine now
I feel much better now as I fully release all my bad feelings now

These may be a little long but use the 15 min PQT and go with it!

Hope this helps!

This can be done in addition to:

You still have suppressed anger, frustration or even rage around the issue. Even the most stubborn issues will finally clear if you do a round where

1.) you have an extreme tantrum (in your mind) about how freaking tired you are of dealing with that issue.

2.) you have an extreme tantrum (in your mind) about how freaking tired you are of worrying about that issue.

3.) get angry and frustrated that the clicktracks are not working or are not working fast enough. <em>Use expletives, cry, really get into it as much as possible.

4.) You have a fear that it will come back. CT any fear or worry it will come back to a 1 or 0

Another approach is to think of the problem in terms of "Why am I having such a really hard time accepting this" and/or  "Why am I having such a really hard letting this go" "Why am I having such a really hard accepting this problem is over"and CT those feelings.

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