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Thank you for being brave enough to post your personal challenges here. I've personally experienced these same situations and resolved them with PSTEC so I understand and appreciate what you are going though. Feeling like you don't matter,  unwanted, ignored etc. are very normal issues though they can be very painful, especially in the context of intimate relationships. You mentioned neediness feelings - well your needs were probably (for sure) not met by your parents (whether you remember it or not) and so you are subconsciously replaying this in your present relationships in an attempt to get them met and will continue to do so until you resolve it. Neediness is absolutely NOT attractive BTW. Again, this is all very normal stuff. The difference here is you are aware of it and resolving it. Good for you!

First I would suggest you take a big step back. Have a look at any feelings you have around "women are not safe, can't be trusted, are dangerous, I hate women" note the feelings and CT all of those to a 0. Give this a go with the long PQT. "All women are completely safe now I always trust and love" as you go through the track be sure to quickly loop the end to the beginning as it's just a big infinite loop.

As it relates to the exhaustion - It's likely you have repressed anger and unresolved/incomplete grief around this situation. Go back to your parents and imagine not getting your needs met and get EXTREMELY ANGRY at them as extreme as you can imagine (think hissy fit, long rageful screams, physically hitting them etc) and use your inner voice to "get it all out" in your imagination. CT that down to a 1 or 0.

After you have done this, then you will want to think back to your needs not being met by your parents. CT this to a 1 or 0.

I could go very deep on this subject though I suspect this will get you moving in a positive direction on the matter you've described as you can start to see more of what is going on in you.

If you don't have them already I would suggest you pick up the accelerators and 2015 tracks.

Please continue posting your questions, what new things you discover as you progress and results in this thread and we can coach you along a bit. There are a lot of people who watch the forum but never post that can also benefit from what you are sharing. THANK YOU!

Confused and Not Sure Where to Start / Re: OCD
« on: May 23, 2018, 01:49:36 PM »
Truman if you were bullied and called names in highschool where did that start did your parents tease you when you were little, did one of your parents bully the other one, did your parents shame you etc. bypass all that and THINK WAY BACK to the parents, also brothers and sisters when you were little.

yes, my mom was and still do the namecalling.

the thing is that she has a huge shadow and most of what she presents is a persona.

her shadow is very angry, controlling and vicious.

this shadow side of her destroyed my self esteem and confidence growing up.

CT every last bit of that down to a 0 it's as simple as that. Especially CT the earliest memories of your mom being angry, controlling & vicious. If you have OCD, perfection, fear of mistakes these are conditionings you developed to survive in her world. When you CT what she did/does often times the patterns in you disappear.

e.g. I CT how my father behaved at work and with others. All of it stopped in me 100% - this after I spent a load of time trying to just address it in me.

Please let us know how you get on. Keep going you're awesomesauce.

Confused and Not Sure Where to Start / Re: OCD
« on: May 23, 2018, 12:52:59 PM »
Truman if you were bullied and called names in highschool where did that start did your parents tease you when you were little, did one of your parents bully the other one, did your parents shame you etc. bypass all that and THINK WAY BACK to the parents, also brothers and sisters when you were little.

Scott - I'm a believer that most all of it goes back to the parents. I look back on my bullying now and realize I attracted/created/broadcasted (whatever word you want to use) all of it as a result of my dad teasing me. The bullying didn't come into play until maybe I was 7? though we all know dad was teasing as my earliest belief system was forming before I could even fully speak. It can simply be what you saw and the feelings (5 senses aka energy) you had behind it.

I had a behavioral conditioning to tease others myself - it's a form of defense against rejection etc - and had a tough time clearing it. It wasn't until I CT my dad doing the same thing to his friends did it easily collapse. A load of repressed anger came up with it as well.

I was clicktracking on an old girlfriend once and I could smell her Liz Claiborne perfume as I was doing it same for a few other girl's perfumes. Really surprised me again try to explain this to someone... ;)

Scott - You will be amazed at what you pick up as a program that you only saw. e.g. If your father was nervous in social situations and you are also nervous in social situations this is very normal.

Often times we try to CT our feelings but what works REALLY well is to CT your father's behavior in social situations as far back as you can remember holding your feeling(s) of how he acted. Again - we live in the light of reflected action.

My dad spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV. So did I but I was on my computer. I CT him laying on the couch watching TV and the feelings I had being around him when he did that. Hey how about that I suddenly don't do it anymore. Same with chewing nails. My dad was a chronic nail biter. I did it a little bit. I just CT him doing it and how I felt watching him. Well how about that, I now use nail clippers. :)

Hi Brian,

When I consider resentment there are quite a few examples I can come up with in my life.

In your opinion is using the CT Wrapper an effective and time efficient way to group these situations and then CT them? I don't see much talk about using CT Wrapper.

Thanks, Scott

Scott you absolutely can. There are a slew of other feelings that come with resentment. Jealousy, envy, betrayal, indignation, prejudiced... etc. One thing that helped me was to go extreme and always start with your parents/lack of parents. Not only your resentment for them but resentment they had to others, often you will pick this up from them and replay it in your life.

Improve Sports Performance with PSTEC / Re: Bully in the gym
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:44:48 PM »
To add on to what Paul suggested "I'm forgiven for the people I hurt in the past now" "What I did to hurt people in the past is unimportant/doesn't matter now"

Improve Sports Performance with PSTEC / Re: Bully in the gym
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:48:21 AM »
Hi Clearingman,

Thanks for your reply.

Absolutely. You are being completely reasonable and, no matter what has happened in his life, you and anyone else in the gym have every right to expect respect and courtesy.

The 2nd part of my post (in combination with what Brian suggested) is, I reckon; what will tip things for you.

What particular behaviours and emotions are you referencing?

Look forward to your reply,


Hi paul,

It's not something I completely understand, but ill explain the best I can. So in our model of reality, we have beliefs, emotions and behaviours. When we are very young we have no critical factor, so are more susceptible to suggestions. We learn them from our parents, surroundings etc in order to survive. What I'd like to know is how to address other people's emotions. Like for instance, if I see somebody getting really angry at a situation or they feel very strongly about something, it will rub off on me. That is how we learn after all, right? How do I address that?

Here are a few examples. There are countless ways of doing it.

When other people are <emotion> I'm <emotion> from now on
When someone is <emotion> I'm/I feel <emotion> from now on
When other people are <angry> I'm <safe/calm/relaxed etc.> from now on

You could also frame it in the past:

Angry people used to bother me as I'm safe around angry people now
Angry people used to be dangerous as I'm safe around angry people now

You can even go at a higher level:

The way others feel has nothing to do with me from now on
The way other people feel is their/not my responsibility from now on

As always, these are just some ideas. It's best to use what comes to YOUR mind to create the suggestions specific to you.

PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Re: 100 beliefs after
« on: May 20, 2018, 08:58:25 PM »
Truman that is fantastic news. I personally have installed a few hundred and I will say that in many instances just a single belief has made a drastic and immediate change. Just yesterday Paul suggested one to me that was so simple yet the shift it brought was profound.

PQT is something special for sure. It is amazing how much change can be accomplished even in just a day.

What may also begin happening is that you realize larger patterns that you had no ability to see previously.

Keep going and thank you for your testament to the effectiveness of pstec.


Had a situation where I was feeling isolated, left out, unsupported and alienated, outsider, not included in many areas of my life. After years of this, I decided one day I should CT this stuff.

It's important to point out how sometimes these things are happening to us in the present and we just don't stop to think that it is what is going on inside of us that is creating it. If you don't believe in this school of thought it can be looked at from the aspect of we are simply perceiving our reality this way. It's ok to perceive it absent these thoughts and feelings.

Of course it all went back to my childhood. This was how things were growing up with my parents. I was not supported by my parents and also I was not supported when there was conflict within the family. I was also isolated/alienated from the rest of the family, spent a lot of time alone in my room feeling like an outsider to the rest of the family. Within 30 seconds of clicktracking it all came back. I then simply felt these feelings and focused on all the things that happened as far back as I could remember. Problem solved.

No surprise that once I cleared it this completely stopped in my reality within a matter of days. Others were actually apologizing me for their behavior. :)

Improve Sports Performance with PSTEC / Re: Bully in the gym
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:04:07 AM »
Clearingman -

All the answers you need are in what you typed.

- Suggest you CT any and all feelings around this bully down to a 1 or better yet a 0

- Listen to this recording - It is specific to bullies and has a positive phrase in there that can help you shift how you perceive this situation as you word it specific to your situation.

  • One word you said was "he is a dickhead" ok CT that - also ct these:

    a person who doesn't care for respect.

    He keeps attempting to land knock out punches into me, and has caused my nose to bleed 2 times now.

    with punches intended to harm.

    I chose to speak up and explain he was out of line, which he responded with something a long the lines of if i hit you my hardest you would be on the floor knocked out.

    This guy has no means of communication, only looking to feed his own ego.

    I know I'm rusty and trying to get stuck in again,

    this is just knocking my confidence.

    finding it hard not to put the pressure on

    I'm somehow holding back

    fear of hurting my opponent.

    I'm always up against that dickhead

    something I'm not proud of.

    Is i have in one way or another hurt a lot people.

    i didnt live in the most quietest place

    everybody wanted to be somebody

    you either protect yourself, or in some cases end up in hospital or worse.

    I have managed to move past that (no you haven't - you are replaying it subconsciously right now)

    i never want to hurt people like i did (justified or not) ever again (ct those memories of what you did).

    Which is a little hard not to in an mma gym when its a full contact sport.

    But there is a difference between a controlled fighter and a brute. I consider just a little conflicted

    Hope that makes sense

You can either CT each one or fire up the tapping accelerator then the 2015 30 min long and just fire away on the whole story imagining all of it as bad as it gets. If you have any memories that pop up write them down and clear them out. Probably fear and resentment, envy, jealousy, indgnation, related. GET IT ALL TO A 1 or 0

- Also look into feelings of - it's not ok and/or not safe, It's dangerous - to unleash on him and take him out. CT all of these to 1 or 0

- Per the recording something like "I'm done worrying about <name> he is harmless and weak now" and/or "a whiny little baby now" and perhaps "I'm better than <name> I can easily kick his ass now" (or beat him now lol) "I'll take <name> out as I always feel powerful now"

Let us know when he taps out next time crying like a little baby. ;(''''''''

Scott I had so much resentment in my life it was my persona. One of the issues there is it can seem stubborn if not impossible to clear, especially if you believe it's not ok or safe to let it go: I had this BIG TIME.

Start with the resentment with parents and if you have any bullying all as far back as you can go. Tim made a good point once that you can have resentment with a person and not even remember it, parents are a good example.

Paul - Great points aside from frustration and impatience I want to point out that two of the biggest sticking points with PSTEC I had were:

1.) Feelings of it not being OK to let go of my emotions, my past, what was going on in my life and to move forward in life. In other modalities it seems they call it "giving yourself permission" well with PSTEC there really are no words just a feeling.Take that feeling to a 0 in all of these examples.

2.) Feelings of it not being SAFE to let go of my emotions, my past, what was going on in my life and to move forward in life. Take that feeling to a 0 in all of these examples.

I must give credit where it's due here, Paul you have mentioned this many times which clued me in as have Jeff and other Practitioners. I had heard these many times as I had with the "why technique" but of course we need to hear things 10 times to realize it.

Having any feelings around not being ok or safe are HUGE barriers to success with PSTEC and can be removed quickly. There is never anything wrong with taking a step back and clearing these out, regardless of how much or little you have used the tools. I strongly encourage it for every user.

If a person is using PQT some good beliefs to install would be:

Feeling my emotions is always ok and safe now
It's ok to release my feelings as I feel safe now
It's always safe to let go of my emotions from now on
It's safe and ok to let go of my past now

When people say "PSTEC seems to take a long time" I would generally look at clicktracking those feelings too right away.

These tips are sprinkled throughout the forum. This should be a sticky as it can dramatically speed up clearing time. There are a few options that you can use to release them. These also work if the problems keep coming back. More times out of ten this is due to anger behind the feeling though not always.

1.) If you are not already using the accelerator tracks, get them! :)

2.) Get really frustrated, angry and impatient that the CT won't work and/or are not working.

3.) Think about the feeling/problem and get frustrated and impatient at it and CT that feeling.

4.) Think about the feeling/problem and get extremely angry  at it and CT that feeling. (Thank you April Adams)

5.) Think about the feeling/problem and clicktrack the feelings of it not being safe to clear those feelings and CT that feeling.

6.) Think about the feeling/problem and clicktrack the feelings of being afraid to clear those feelings and CT that feeling.

7.) Think about the feeling/problem and clicktrack the feelings of being afraid the problem will come back and CT that feeling.

5,6,7 work great on anger that keeps coming back as you may believe anger is needed. It's not!

It's a good idea to clicktrack and feelings of releasing your emotions in general, both the thoughts of if not being safe and it being scary down to a 0. This will really make a difference. Also #2 down to  1 or 0.


Brian thank you so much for these examples and the many other examples that you take the time to post on this forum.

I really appreciate your experiences and your point of view.  Your reviews, insights and results help me to not only understand the possibilities of PSTEC on a deeper level but I use them as a model to learn, change and grow personally.

You have already impacted my life in so many ways.

Thank you for sharing parts of your life. Your humbleness and absence of ego are a shining example to me.


Scott you are absolutely welcome. As I'm sure you can understand there are no words to describe these other than it must be experienced. The average person will laugh as you run down rabbit holes. This is where the deep change exists.

Even today I had a strange feeling of something I couldn't let go of. Took a few minutes to CT it. Sure enough it went back to a a fight with a sibling at 13 years old. Again it was resentment.

Life is a loop.

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