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Belief Blasters / Re-phrasing Global Beliefs for BB?
« on: October 09, 2018, 04:42:28 AM »

First post from a lurker and someone who hopes PSTEC can help. 

I own quite a few of the programs and have experienced some nice results with the Click Tracks. 

What I'm really interested in trying are the Belief Blasters.

Can I get your input on effectively re-phrasing statements for global beliefs?  My attempts to create past versions of the beliefs I want to eliminate either feel convoluted and overworked or they just sound silly and delusional.

Some examples:

Now version:   Cute, sexy, healthy women are never single.

BB version:   Cute, sexy, healthy women were never single.

Huh??  And now they are?  The past tense version doesn't make sense to me, and it has lost all the visceral punch/anger/frustration I am desperate to get rid of.

Some more examples I'm wrestling with:

Now version:   Attractive women don't want to be approached by men.

BB version:  Attractive women didn't want to be approached by men.


Now version:   Beautiful women only want tall, handsome, famous or rich men.

BB version:   Beautiful women only wanted tall, handsome, famous or rich men.


Now version:   People are selfish and unkind.

BB version:   People were selfish and unkind.

Again, the past tense version sounds silly to me.  Like the world changed and people behave differently?  I understand all of these are subjective beliefs (which I'm trying to reconfigure for a healthier emotional state in myself) but global beliefs are causing me problems.

More than anything, I would love to reverse these (and many other) global beliefs in my subconscious, but I'm struggling with how to articulate them for BB.  Maybe I'm overthinking it?

Any suggestions for how to re-phrase global beliefs into past tense statements would be most appreciated.


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