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Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Clicktracks and work-related issues
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:35:31 AM »
I've noticed an interesting correlation. It seems to me that every time I use PSTEC Clicktracks on some emotional issues concerning my job, those issues always end up being resolved much better than I expected them to. This is in addition to me feeling personally much better after running the clicktracks. What I am impressed about most is that almost magic-like aspect of issues being taken care of.

Did someone also notice this?

I am going through a self love course and one assignment is to do the following:

Every  morning  for  two  minutes,  look  at  yourself  in  the  mirror  and  say  OUT  LOUD words  like  these  to  yourself,  ”I  love  you,  youʼre  amazing!  Have you seen yourself  lately,  youʼre  so  beautiful,  you  are  the  love  of  God,  thatʼs  how  I  see you!  You  are  divine  perfection!”       

I thought of PSTEC and how I can incorporate it into this practice. I decided on standing in front of the mirror, eyes open, hands over my heart chakra, non-tapping version of Positive Extra Power playing in my headphones and repeating the above paragraph. I have done it two times already for the whole length of the track, which is almost 6 min.

I'm wondering if this process can be improved. I know that Positive tracks work best with short sentences, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it efficiently. I'm open to changing my whole statement, shortening it to one succinct phrase. I need a little guidance, though.

I welcome any advice on approaching mirror work with PSTEC. Thank you.

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