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Announcements / Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors - keep safe
« on: March 07, 2019, 05:43:56 AM »
Trigger Warning
If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse then this can feel like a very challenging time for you with the grooming and sexual abuse of children in the main stream media with the case of Australian Cardinal George Pell charged With sexual assault and the historical allegations against Michael Jackson from Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the documentary 'Leaving Neverland.'

Liz Hogon in Melbourne and me in London are seeing an increase in people triggered by these high profile cases who are themselves adult survivors of sexual abuse. These are often people in their 30s, 40s and older who have kept their secrets for decades and some are experiencing a resurgence in feelings of shame and guilt that they have kept buried for decades and are even experiencing compelling suicidal thoughts.

Both Liz and I implore you to take care of yourselves by limiting your exposure to the media covering these topics and to the bear-pit of social media which can add to a survivors sense of anguish.

PSTEC is a powerful approach to resolve and erase the commonly felt extreme feelings of shame and self-blame so please commit to doing the work to help yourselves in your recovery. If you can get outside help then all the better but whatever route you choose keep yourselves safe. Sexual assault with grooming and seduction blurs the lines and adds to the confusion and contradictory emotions for many survivors a is a more common experience than is ever admitted.

Co-created by two PSTEC Master Practitioners and weight-loss expert therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon are pleased to announce their new on-line course 'Overcoming Emotional Eating' featuring specially selected PSTEC Click Tracks, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and hypnosis recordings. You can check it out here

Tell us About your PSTEC Story / A vote request please
« on: June 15, 2016, 11:16:08 AM »
Hello Forum,
I'm pleased to say I've been selected for the UK's 2016 Janey Love's Platinum Awards in the Best Therapist category. As a Master PSTEC Practitioner I have worked with many people over the years via this forum and via the Magic Sentences I've produced following Tim's amazing guidance.

If anything I've contributed has helped you along your own journey or we've worked successfully one to one in person or via Skype then please use this bitly link to vote for me. I want to use this platform to promote the incredible power of PSTEC to the widest audience I can manage so I'd appreciate your support. Thanks in advance Sally

The Association for Meridian Therapists (AMT) was founded in 1998 as the worlds first EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) training organisation. As an official not-for-profit learned society they have over the years championed, and shared information about other key therapies.

London based therapist / writer, and PSTEC Master Practitioner Sally Baker has been invited to give a paper in October at the 2015 annual conference in Eastbourne, East Sussex. She will introduce PSTEC to an international group of therapists, and give examples from her recent book cowritten with Melbourne based PSTEC Master Practitioner Liz Hogon.

Called '7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating' (Hammersmith Press, London 2015) it draws on their experiences of working in their own practices with PSTEC, EFT and hypnotherapy to help hundreds of weight loss clients resolve their emotional eating issues so that they can end self sabotaging behaviour around food, and successfully lose weight.

Exam nerves jangling your brain?

Research has shown that extreme exam nerves can cause students to score 12 percentiles lower than averagely anxious students.  Read 'Zap your exam nerves - FAST' blog post to show how you can access for free and learn two powerful therapy tools (PSTEC and EFT) to quickly dispel your anxiety, clearing your mind to enhance recall and clarity. Please share this free resource with anyone you know currently in the midst of exam panic.

The self help tools are easy to learn and quick to make a difference. For teachers out there the techniques can be applied to small groups as well individuals, and is an ideal classroom approach as they are not hypnotic. (Contact me, Sally Baker via the forum to find more about licence use of PSTEC for groups).
Click on this bitly link for more info

The June edition of Woman & Home Magazine out now features an interview with PSTEC Master Practitioner Sally Baker and her husband the painter Arnold Dobbs on love and marriage the second, or for him, the third time around. PSTEC has proved to be a wonderful resource for them both to clear past unhappy memories and romantic disappointments which Sally thinks is key to being able to move on, make healthier choices,  and be happy!

If you feel your previous relationship experiences get in your way of trusting and loving again then you can clear all of that old cruddy stuff with PSTEC so that unhappy memories from the past, or even negative thinking about the future will no longer trigger you. Start click tracking today!

Announcements / PSTEC to over come fears of giving birth
« on: May 10, 2015, 08:28:11 AM »
In a guest blog out now for B Baby magazine hypnotherapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon's offer their top self help tips for overcoming fear of giving birth. They recommend taking some time to prepare and apply EFT and PSTEC (Percussive Suggestion Technique) and visualisations to resolve and release whatever is bothering the mum to be before the big day arrives. Reducing anxiety cuts down the release of adrenalin.  Excess adrenalin has a knock on effect of increasing pain receptors which can make giving birth more challenging so it makes good sense to clear as much anxiety as you can.   

Check out their guest blog entry here

In the May 2015 edition of Fibromyalgia Magazine out now PSTEC Master Practitioners Sally Baker and Liz Hogon describe how negative self talk can reinforce the vicious cycle of carrying excess weight leading to additional pain for  those people who are already feeling overwhelmed with living with a chronic illness.

They explore how a person's own negative self-talk - the voice in your head that can carp and criticise your efforts, puts you down, and works to encourage self-doubt.

In the feature Baker and Hogon provide guidance on how to use PSTEC ,and EFT to dispel the emotions attached to negative self talk. They are sure this is a key step in beginning the powerful journey which can transform your inner critic into your greatest advocate - someone cheering for you!

If you would like to read the article in full the May issue of Fibromyalgia Magazine is available to buy on single edition basis from for just over £1 sterling. (Sorry due to copyright restrictions we are unable to provide a free content link).

Two leading weight loss therapists who are also Master Practitioners of PSTEC, Sally Baker and Liz Hogon's latest book, '7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating' is out now from Hammersmith Press, London and available from Amazon Books websites.

Their self help format guides you through the complex issues around stress and comfort eating in easy to achieve stages so that you too can reveal, and resolve your own unconscious reasons for yo yo dieting, self-sabotaging habits around food, and limiting beliefs. This new book (also available in electronic formats) is a major revision and expansion of their previous self-published e-book, Achieve your Natural Weight. The content is enhanced and enriched from their client work as they continue to learn and hone their unique application of PSTEC, EFT and hypnotherapy to facilitate successful weight loss for many of their clients.

A new website also provides additional free resources including the PSTEC Click Tracks to support working through the 7 steps.

Magic Sentences / New Magic Sentences for Attraction Phobia
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:50:09 PM »
This year's Valentine's Day was the chosen release date for the latest Magic Sentence Releases focussing on over coming fears and anxieties around approaching people you find attractive. I've written four distinct versions covering men seeking women, women seeking men, gay men seeking gay men and gay women seeking gay women.

A question has come from a woman asking which MS, if any might be most appropriate for someone just wishing to widen her friend circle and meet new people. I'm happy to consider writing a specific MS to address that particular set of anxieties. However, it might be an idea to give the Magic Sentence for Anxiety a try first as it addresses anxiety in many situations - situations that certainly would have caused anxiety in the past and encourages changes in beliefs and thinking so that the self-helper can feel relaxed and calm in situations which before would have caused anxiety and uncomfortable feelings.

The feed back from many self-helpers is that changes and improvements in thinking abd feeling take place in a wide variety applications so without a customised MS I suggest this one. Regards Sally

Tell us About your PSTEC Story / PSTEC - Diabetes and Chronic Illness
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:54:53 AM »
Due to the book Liz Hogon and I co-wrote about using EFT, PSTEC and hypnotherapy to resolve and release the emotional/stress triggers leading to over-eating or dis-ordered eating (Achieve Your Natural Weight), we of course see a lot of clients whose bodies are out of balance.

This can typically manifest in carrying excess weight and in turn, obesity often comes hand in hand with type 2 diabetes, or a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. We see so many clients now with this condition, (I’m in London, Liz in Melbourne), to the degree that we have built up a whole set of resources to assist clients dealing with this, and other, chronic conditions.

There’s a great quote in the book Sugar Nation written by Jeff O’Connell. He wrote,

“The truth is, by the time you have or even flirt with type 2 diabetes, there’s probably a lot more out of whack in your life than just blood sugar.”

In our own practices we are finding this to be the case and PSTEC, along with EFT and Hypnotherapy are proving to be key to changing mind-sets and enabling people to change habits, adopt healthier life-styles and step up in their own lives by creating shifts in thinking and belief systems.

In our work with clients dealing with chronic disease it is common for them to feel completely over-whelmed with the degree of medical intervention they face. So over-whelmed, in fact, that they often feel they have little, or no part to play, in living the best life they can live and this perceived powerlessness can keep a person stuck in a huge amount of negative thinking and feeling.

There are many emotions played out around serious illness that can get in the way of optimal health. There can be issues around deserving; massive self-blame; anger directed at self; long-buried anger at others; and huge amounts of frustration through to self-punishment, fear and self-sabotage. There are also, of course, secondary gains, however uncomfortable, to be explored and released along with allowing self-forgiveness and the development of self-worth and ultimately self love - all steps on the journey towards being, and living as well as one can.

Scientific evidence recognises that type 2 diabetes responds better to life style changes than the current drug regimes. However, that’s a big ask of someone who feels that they don’t count, may never have counted, or believes on some level that they don’t deserve to thrive.  And that is the power of these tools and the wonderful nature of this work. Clearing the blocks so that you can feel more peaceful and relaxed about being you can have a profound and beneficial impact not just with diabetes but all illnesses are exacerbated, to a degree, by cortisol hormone, a by-product of adrenaline, which is triggered by stress.

So, what this post aims to share today is that whatever health concerns you have, and we all have some, use the click tracks to clear anything standing in your way to being the star in your own life. Take the time to gently explore any self-sabotaging behaviour; aspects of self-punishment; limiting beliefs; side-way activities of pleasing, or fixing others instead of focussing on you, and your needs, and so develop life-enhancing self-acceptance for who you are now - imperfectly perfect.

I was sent this query recently on the 'My Messages' section of the forum. I'm posting it here as it may be of use to other people using Magic Sentences.

hello sally ,

i started to use magic sentences .it seems to be a good  tool then i'm doing my best to take the best out of it .
but i do have a question : is it really possible to identify the real sentences played backwards  ?i find it really hard  to remember the sentences (i assume i should not write them down)  and then identify them when played in reverse .
many thanks for the work done on  this
all the best
ps : english is not my first language  , maybe it makes it more difficult for me 

My reply -
The Magic Sentences that are reversed are either audio reversed or word for word reversed, or sometimes a mix of the two. Within the Magic Sentences it does remind the user that if they are finding it difficult to work out which one is said in reverse then choose the one that has the most resonance or seems the most appropriate.

In short, it is the process of concentration and focus and the higher the level of concentration and focus you can achieve while listening to the Magic Sentence process that will bring about the changes you seek.

Just do your best. Don't get hung up about identifying the reverse sentences and you will begin to notice changes in your thinking and self-belief.

Finally, as a self-helper it's impossible to check your level of accuracy without compromising the effectiveness of the process as you would need to check the answers which would not be helpful. So let go of that outcome and just focus on the changes you wish to have in your life.
regards Sally

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