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PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Powerful suggestions for change
« on: June 19, 2019, 02:28:54 PM »
In addition to Tim's free "Embracing Change" audio, here are four powerful PQT suggestions to tip the scale for change:

I now have tremendous power to change the entire course of my life
I now possess the astonishing ability to change anything about myself
I absolutely love change now because it feels so easy
I now look forward to big changes because it feels so exciting

It is recommended to use the long version of PQT.


A quick example of using Hypnotic Time Machine for resolving a stubborn issue of which I was unable to resolve with the clicktracks after many weeks of work. Often times trying harder can be replaced with simply trying something different through the use of a different PSTEC tool. This was a terribly painful and "emotionally complicated" breakup experience which left me with a tremendous amount of unresolved grief, anger (rage and resentment) disappointment, humiliation etc. This is often referred to as "complicated grief or bereavement" in the medical world and can cause some serious issues.

I purchased the time machine when it came out and fiddled with it a few times though rather than beating my head against the wall with this issue any longer, I decided to try something completely  different and give it a go on this particular issue.

I listened to the instructional introduction recording a few times to make sure I had completely absorbed the concept behind the process.

I then ran the longest time machine recording and went back to that time as a 3rd person. While I was there I reassured myself, validated the way I was feeling that it was going to be ok, that I was a great person, it wasn't my fault and that I was worthy and deserving of "better". I also told myself it was completely ok to cry fully. let go, give up and move forward to a better place in life. I then called the other person over and had a conversation between the two and explained to them what the cause of their actions had done to me. I asked them to realize, understand and acknowledge this and also to apologize.

I then imagined myself forgiving them and we made up laughing and parting ways in a happy and peaceful way. Then I got back into the time machine and returned to the present. Essentially I had imagined a completely different outcome in a positive way which was buried deep into my subconscious, so powerful it negated the original story.

Once I came out of the induction I immediately started to feel the deep unfinished grief and other emotions start to release. These were buried deep in my back. I listened to the relaxing accelerator to pack on some more punch. I went to sleep and woke up at about 5am. The feelings continued to release over a 12 hour period and my spine was physically shifting and "popping" as I slowly finished releasing the grief. Once this finalized, I was astonished at the resulting change. I felt 200 pounds lighter emotionally and so many past experiences also were completely gone as a result of releasing this.

I decided to do a second experiment and go back to a point in my life where my father passed away and within 8 days of this my best friend was suddenly killed in an accident. I hadn't ever grieved these experiences. Like may people do, I held it all in and did other things to "process" and avoid the pain. So I went back to my father right before his death and said all the things I wanted to say but didn't and completely forgave him, told him goodbye etc and that it was completely ok for me to cry etc again validating and reassuring myself. Then I ran it a second time on my friend in a similar manner. I have suffered lower back tension and problems for decades and all of this is now completely gone as a result of releasing this deep grief, anger, etc.

The time machine is extremely powerful and can be used for all sorts of things - anything you can possibly imagine -  from rewriting the past to creating positive future outcomes deep in your subconscious. I can't say enough about it here, it like anything else must be experienced to truly appreciate.

Also in this package is the additional hypnotic emotional cleanser. I also ran it one time on these events AFTER running the time machine and before listening to the relaxing accelerator. When I ran the relaxing accelerator I once again imagines the exact same scenarios as I did during the time machine process to reinforce it.

Easy restful sleep is also included of which I have used several times. It truly is a "sleep hammer" as described in the instructions make sure you have a loud alarm set LOL.

Here is a link to the recordings

Hi everyone - I often get folks who private message me about creating suggestions for PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo. As others have mentioned, PQT is powerful enough to often times collapse entire problems and behaviors - provided you have a really well worded suggestion. It's been said by many PSTEC Practitioners in their posts, book and yes, Tim has offered it throughout his tutorials.

It can be overwhelming to some to attempt to create the right suggestion. They become impatient, get frustrated, have doubt in the tools and even stall or give up. (All great things to CT!) So rather than get into a long post about how to word suggestions, here is a single suggestion that has worked wonders for me time and time again. It can create tremendous shifts enough on it's own.

I'm absolutely ______________ enough exactly as I already am now

If you want to test this, I would suggest to first simply install the suggestion

I'm absolutely enough exactly as I already am now

From there, you can use the example I have provided above and fill in the blank with any "worth" related word you want. e.g.

In control (you can tweak the wording to I absolutely have enough control)

I always use the 15 min PQT with this suggestion. The key to effectiveness with PQT is to really try hard to say the power words loudly with your inner voice as loud and forceful with as much power as you possibly can. This will make a massive difference in the results of PQT for you.

You can follow it up with a slightly similar suggestion if you want to add a little more power using the 10 min track with:

I'm absolutely ______________  now completely as I already am now

You can then add on even more suggestions of your desire to step it up e.g. "I'm absolutely worthy now of anything I want now" "I'm absolutely worthy of (a $100k salary/more money) now I completely deserve it now" and I find that the 10 min version is powerful enough for these once you have the primary suggestion in. Often times subsequent suggestions aren't even necessary until you want to get more specific.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has posted here and to Tim for creating this life changing tool certainly worthy of a Nobel Prize. Hope this helps and any feedback of your results are absolutely always welcome.

There are lots of example of using pstec positive on the forum here so I'm  simply sharing some suggestions that have worked wonders to help folks clear a specific problem more easily. You can use pstec positive, positive extra and even Positive Quantum Turbo with this. Person, place or thing...

It's absolutely safe to completely let go of my feelings about __________ now

You can follow it with another statement

All of my feelings about ___________ are completely unimportant now

I feel much better/really good when I think about ___________  now

If you listen to the relaxing accelerator afterwards and imagine and feel the problem ending in a new and different, more positive way, what i find is that a day or two later you will be reminded of the worst feelings about the problem and it's very easy to clicktrack it away at that point.

You can also do a general statement such as:

It's absolutely safe to completely let go of my bad feelings now
I can completely release all of my bad feelings It's easy (easier) now
It's totally safe to feel my bad emotions now I'm ok now
I'll be absolutely ok without my negative feelings now I'm completely fine now
I feel much better now as I fully release all my bad feelings now

These may be a little long but use the 15 min PQT and go with it!

Hope this helps!

This can be done in addition to:

You still have suppressed anger, frustration or even rage around the issue. Even the most stubborn issues will finally clear if you do a round where

1.) you have an extreme tantrum (in your mind) about how freaking tired you are of dealing with that issue.

2.) you have an extreme tantrum (in your mind) about how freaking tired you are of worrying about that issue.

3.) get angry and frustrated that the clicktracks are not working or are not working fast enough. <em>Use expletives, cry, really get into it as much as possible.

4.) You have a fear that it will come back. CT any fear or worry it will come back to a 1 or 0

Another approach is to think of the problem in terms of "Why am I having such a really hard time accepting this" and/or  "Why am I having such a really hard letting this go" "Why am I having such a really hard accepting this problem is over"and CT those feelings.

I have been working with a close friend of mine who has been dealing with heavy general anxiety for a few years. They had been working with the various pstec tools for nearly a year now and had made some progress to stabilize though felt like they weren't getting the results they were after.

I have known this individual nearly my whole life and so we decided to explore something very obvious and simple.

This person has a long history of "recreational" substance use. The levels of which they have participated in the various recreational activities by medical textbook standards would be considered addiction and/or abuse.

I started by asking them to list out the various types of substances they have used over the years. These included:

- Recreational cocaine use over the course of about 4 years
- Occasional LSD use - roughly @ 30 times. They admittedly had one really bad experience with some extremely strong LSD in particular
- Heavy ecstasy use over a 4 year period in the upwards of 12 pills over a 3 day weekend - consistently taking 6 pills
- Marijuana use - smoking - in upwards of 28 grams per week or more for 5 years
- Heavy alcohol use - binge drinking - blackout for 20+ years
- Psilocybin mushroom use a few times
- Occasional GHB use

All of this occurred between the ages of about 19 and 45. One key term I heard them say was "I can't remember the last time I felt good except back before college". This person had been sober for a few years.

So very simply, what I asked them to do was to imagine for a minute, what their life would be like if they would have never experienced any of this in their life and to think about all the years of how they felt while taking those various substances and also how they felt the next day after the experiences.

We then went back as far as we could to when they first started "partying" and I had them think about how they felt on the various substances. I had them run clicktracks in the following sequence:

2015 long
Tapping accelerator
2015 long
Tapping accelerator
Free basic track #2
EEF Track #2

I had them think and really try as hard as they could to feel the feelings of when they were partying, getting sick, bad experiences, feeling hungover, feeling tweaked up on cocaine, wound up on the ecstacy, waiting for the drugs to kick in or wear off, having anxiety the next day after heavy partying, shame/regret/guilt/ laying in bed feeling like garbage, feeling like crap, procrastinating, feeling horrible at work, the worst next day experiences they could remember where they felt like they were dying the next day lol "I'll never party again" - any scenario/feeling possible that was associated with partying or after the partying.

I had them work their way through time and just keep clicktracking through time until it was all down to a 1 or 0. I suppose this could be done with use of the wrapper track but we just went with the CT.

When this was complete the person felt as if they had experienced a miracle. It was as if none of this had ever happened in their life and all of the anxiety and horrible feelings they had, low energy and so many issues were completely gone. They had been doing all of this partying to stuff down loads of years of issues and all of that was connected to the feelings they had from partying. All of it was completely released and gone!

This person was also having panic attacks even though they had been sober for a long time. They had two horrible panic attacks years ago so I also had them go back and CT those two panic attacks as well as the bad LSD experience which really "freaked them out". These two panic attacks both came a few days of being "sober" after long nights of heavy partying. All panic attacks are completely gone now.

I want to share this because this process will work wonders for anyone who has a history of partying whether it be binge related or sustained use of substances. You can completely remove all of this from your reality and you will feel like a completely different person when it's done.

The other thing I had  this person do in a subsequent session was also CT the feelings they had of talking to or "venting" to other people/ bartenders etc. when they were very drunk. There was a ton of victim, anger, grief, frustration etc when they CT these feelings. Again a completely different experience after it was all released.

I had the person listen to the short relaxing accelerator when they were finished and the long one at bedtime.

I encourage others to share their results. It may take more or less runs of the clicktracks for different people.

Once again I'm posting a technique that will show you how to use the free tools to change your life in a profound way. This three step method to more freedom is so simple anyone can do it using only two recordings from Tim. This will absolutely change your life in ways you never before imagined. So here we go...

Step 1:

Think about all of the bad/negative/hurtful things other people have said about you and/or the type of person you are. (fat, stupid, lazy, dumb, not good enough, not worthy, horrible person... you name it, anything goes here, it's all bout those general "feelings") Parents, friends, teachers, coaches, bosses, lovers, spouse, bullies etc. Really feel the feelings. Be sure you go back as far as you can remember. What you will want to do is "awfulize" these people and the things they said that you know deep down inside is not true. Think about how awful, terrible, horrible and hurtful these people are and how awful, terrible, horrible and hurtful the things they said about you are. Use the free basic clicktracks and get these feelings down to a 1 or 0. You will likely have a lot of anger, resentment and frustration. You may also discover a load of grief while you CT OR shortly after you are done. Be sure to also clear this grief down to a 1 or 0.

Step 2:

Think about all of the bad/negative/hurtful things other people have said about you and/or the type of person you are. (fat, stupid, lazy, dumb, not good enough, not worthy, horrible person... you name it, anything goes here, again it's all bout those general "feelings") Parents, friends, teachers, coaches, bosses, lovers, spouse, bullies etc. and the feelings of what they said to you were "true" and that it was "believable" -  you believed what they are saying is true. Feelings that that you actually trusted that this was true. Really feel the feelings. Be sure you go back as far as you can remember. Again use the free basic clicktracks and get these feelings down to a 1 or 0. You may again discover a load of grief while you CT OR shortly after you are done. Be sure as you are clicktracking to clear this grief down to a 1 or 0. Also be sure to get angry at this that you are1.) sick and tired of it 2.) sick and tired of worrying about it and 3.) Sick and tied of feeling the way you do about it.

These two steps will take time to get to a 1 or a 0. It may take you hours, days or weeks. Every person is different. What is important is that you get it down as far as you possibly can. If you can still feel it, keep going until it's difficult or you can't.

Step 3:

Get "You Are Amazing" a free download here:

This track was originally released with only one recording, now there are three. Just download it again to get the update.

There are three recordings in the package. There is no clicking required. Each track is about 50 min long. Listen to one a day at minimum, even as you are working through the feelings above. If you can listen to more than one a day that's excellent. These are great to listen to in the car, while walking etc. These will add LOADS of positive suggestions back in and completely shift your mindset about your limitations and absolutely blow them away. Track two in particular is mind-blowingly powerful. I would suggest listening to this one as many times as possible.

As you get the feelings in Step 1 and 2 down to completely gone the positive suggestions in "you are amazing" will become more and more powerful and cause you to hit a "tipping point" and become your new mindset. You will notice the more you clear and the more you listen how your entire reality mindset will shift to something completely different and better.

You really are amazing and it really is this simple.

Enjoy and keep going!

Some time ago I read the book "Busting Loose From The Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't Win" by Robert A. Scheinfeld

After reading this book, I realized how simple it is to shift from a "lack" mindset (also called scarcity or deprived) to an abundant mindset using the free tools from PSTEC. There are certainly a lot of ways you can do this using paid tools as well. The purpose of this is to give back to the free gifts Tim has given us.

Here is the general approach however, there is a crucial step to this before you actually make the step to an abundant mindset and that to shift you mindset from having a "fixed mindset" to a "growth mindset".

The major difference between successful and unsuccessful people lies in their mindset. One can have either a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

Fixed Mindset: You believe that your character and potential are unchangeable, have been “written in stone” since birth. These can't be modified or improved in a meaningful way. Any success in this kind of mindset is the result of inherited talent, the given resources and the environment you were born in. This leads to hiding your flaws, doing only things that you are naturally good at, feeling defined by failures, being unwilling to improve your relationships, not testing new things and experimenting, and feeling bad if everything doesn’t go as planned, even if you have learned something new.

Growth Mindset: You believe in personal evolution. You can improve your character by working on yourself. You see yourself as being at a specific starting point with the option to constantly experiment, test new ideas and improve yourself –  skills, beliefs, and competences. Flaws and problems are only opportunities to improve. Unknown and new things bring learning opportunities, mastery leads to passion and purpose, and every failure is only a temporary setback.

Here is how I upgraded my mindset from fixed to growth:

Clicktrack the following to a 1 or 0 using the free basic clicktracks:

- My character is unchangeable and been that way since I was born
- My potential is unchangeable and been that way since I was born
- My abilities are unchangeable and been that way since I was born
- Life is unchangeable
- I am unchangeable
- I assume things are as they are and there’s nothing you can do about it
- The only thing I can do is hope for a stroke of good luck from time to time
- Why should I bother, it won’t change anything anyway.
- I’m either good at something or I’m not.
- Feelings of not being assertive and afraid to not be assertive
- Feelings of being afraid of change, changing myself and that change was bad

I will also add that when doing these it is probably a good idea to get angry as you clicktrack each one at the feelings 1.) You are sick and tired of thinking like this and 2.) Sick and tired of worrying about this. This will help collapse the feelings faster.

Once this is complete you can listen to the free "embracing change" hypnosis recordings a few times a week. and this will install the new positive suggestions that will move you towards change.

You can also listen to the free "You are Amazing" tracks as often as you like:

You can also imagine and feel what your new mindset will be like by listening to the paid relaxing accelerators. You can also blast these beliefs and/or add in positive beliefs using paid tracks.

I'm going to lead a series of forum proof of concept/case studies over the next few months.

The first in the series is to explore what the medical world calls "Avoidant Personality Disorder"

People diagnosed as having "avoidant personality disorder", using the DSM-IV-TR criteria, might have the following key conflict:

They would like to be close to others and to live up to their intellectual and vocational potential, but they are afraid of being hurt, rejected, and unsuccessful.

- Their strategy (in contrast to the dependent) is to back off—or avoid getting
involved in the first place.

- They see themselves as socially inept and incompetent in academic or work situations.

- They see others as potentially critical, uninterested, and demeaning

I'm looking for three forum members who would be interested in participating in this case study. This is completely do it yourself and you will take full responsibility for doing the work that is suggested. There will be no charge for this though there are some requirements.

1.) You will need the following PSTEC tools. Basic Clicktracks, 2015 Clicktracks, Accelerator Tracks, Belief Blasters, Positive Quantum Turbo

2.) You will need to attend an online webinar for one hour a week in which you interact with the other users. I will facilitate.

3.) You will be asked to report on your progress in detail here in this thread as you do the work.

4.) You will need to speak halfway decent English. :~)

Ok, so to be absolutely clear upfront, there is no guarantee of the results for each individual because every person and their past is different however, the purpose of this is for the community to demonstrate how PSTEC can quickly and effectively minimize and even possibly completely resolve this "condition".

If you are a forum member, own these tools and would be interested in participating, please send me a private message with a few paragraphs about your situation for consideration. And yes, we will have fun!

- b

Using Belief Blasters in another way. Primarily we think in terms of our beliefs of "what we are" e.g. I'm stupid, I'm not smart etc.

Belief Blasters are EXTREMELY powerful in removing beliefs in a different way which is around "what you think you should be" e.g. "I must be smart" "I must be attractive" ESPECIALLY when it comes to something you can't or don't want to change!

When you remove the belief of what you "should be" you will be amazed at how different your life can be. One example is "I must be good" instilled into most everyone by their parents.

Per the Belief Blaster instructions, if you believe you are a bad person and constantly trying to convince others and yourself that you are good by acting or pretending to be good, you will be living in conflicted suffering. One could remove the belief "I've been a bad person" or remove the belief instilled my mom you should be a good little boy/girl  "I should have been good" Then you can just be you.

Can you do both? SURE!


If you are avoiding/struggling with rejection, affection, relationships, trust, your work history, social relationship and even money, it's highly possible on a deeper and broader level you are counterdependent.

Here's a link to more on this relationship killer that can affect every area of your life:

Counterdependents often have thoughts and feelings like...

     -      I avoid all sorts of things in my relationships like the plague
     -      I’m very hard on myself, afraid of or hate making mistakes
     -      My inner voice is always talking a game of intense self-criticism
     -      I don’t relax easily and feel anxious if I don’t have something to do
     -      I have a little bit (or a lot of) difficulty remembering things when I was a kid
     -      I have a lot of shame, especially when I feel needy
     -      I secretly suffer feelings of loneliness and emptiness
     -      Vulnerability is a weakness

 And maybe you’ve thought these things often?

     -      I don’t need anyone in my life
     -      I can’t let anyone too close they’ll just disappoint me
     -      I can’t let my guard down, or they’ll hurt me
     -      I'd rather be successful than have a relationship
     -      Love is totally overrated
     -      I don’t need love
     -      People just from me and leave me drained
     -      Other people are just not worth it
     -      I’m too good for him/her
     -      He/she could never handle me
     -      Nobody can understand me
     -      Nobody is smart enough to be with me or get me

Often times people have fear of rejection, avoidance and trust issues but can't seem to get past them. This is because the problem(s) are much larger than they can see.

PSTEC can make this all much more manageable and/or completely remove it from your life as if it was never there.

Working with a PSTEC practitioner can help you dramatically speed your progress and help you see blind spots you aren't yet aware of.

More on how to contact a practitioner at the PSTEC register here:

These tips are sprinkled throughout the forum. This should be a sticky as it can dramatically speed up clearing time. There are a few options that you can use to release them. These also work if the problems keep coming back. More times out of ten this is due to anger behind the feeling though not always.

1.) If you are not already using the accelerator tracks, get them! :)

2.) Get really frustrated, angry and impatient that the CT won't work and/or are not working.

3.) Think about the feeling/problem and get frustrated and impatient at it and CT that feeling.

4.) Think about the feeling/problem and get extremely angry  at it and CT that feeling. (Thank you April Adams)

5.) Think about the feeling/problem and clicktrack the feelings of it not being safe to clear those feelings and CT that feeling.

6.) Think about the feeling/problem and clicktrack the feelings of being afraid to clear those feelings and CT that feeling.

7.) Think about the feeling/problem and clicktrack the feelings of being afraid the problem will come back and CT that feeling.

5,6,7 work great on anger that keeps coming back as you may believe anger is needed. It's not!

It's a good idea to clicktrack and feelings of releasing your emotions in general, both the thoughts of if not being safe and it being scary down to a 0. This will really make a difference. Also #2 down to  1 or 0.


Tim has mentioned this quote in his tutorials:

“We live in the light of reflected action. The things that happened to us in the past are still happening to us every day.” ~ Dave Elman

PSTEC has proven to me time and time again how this is the indisputable absolute truth.

My purpose of creating this thread is to share a few examples and for others to also share their examples as a testament to the limitless power and freedom of PSTEC.

Example #1:

I was completely stuck in my career, always getting the same types of experiences over and over and over again... but why?

To summarize:

Hired as an independent consultant
Never fit in/good enough to be hired as an employee
Leadership role
Never directly reporting to anyone, more of an advisor/mentor to executives
Small employee teams working under me with no direct authority over them
Employees were mid to low performers but we always made it work and won
I carried the weight of the team
Zero resources to work with
Had to come into the environment and figure it all out from scratch
Responsible for changing, building and execution of everything
High-visible work, in big companies always excelled as a team and as an individual
Always finished the work with a breeze nothing gets in my way
Other low-performers on the team would get recognition, I would get none
When I get to the end of the project people want to hire me but never do to some odd issue OR they keep me a long time as an independent
After I leave, management would change and things would just be forgotten
Long pauses in-between contracts, hard time finding the next one etc.

I decided one day it was time to clicktrack this experience and free myself from it.

It's not a coincidence that every last feeling went back to the following story.

In high school I played multiple sports (baseball, basketball, track) I was not good at baseball and basketball. Had coaches that would use shame and humiliation as a motivator. We all know how that goes. In track I had a coach that for the first three years of of school would walk me down to the record board EVERY day and show me a record set in 1958 in the mile run 4:30. He told me every day I would break that. I did not believe him for many reasons. This coach was smart cookie. He was able to build relationships with the biggest schools around and get us into their huge meets which we had no business being in. At the end of my Junior (3rd) year I finished the season at 4:40. I had a realization that It's possible I might be able to get that record the next year. My coach announced he would not return the following year. This was heartbreaking for both of us, he wanted to take me all the way. Despite this, I worked all year round to train for the following track season. I went to a very small school. 100 students total. Not only would I not have a coach but we did not have a track. We would run around the block in front of the school for practice.

Fast forward one year later. 12 guys on my team. One of my teammates has a brother who can certify to be the "coach" and drive the bus. I took responsibility to create the workouts for the team, Led them in every practice, trained them. They were all low to mid-performers but not afraid to work hard. We won a lot. I was able to carry the weight of the team and qualify a relay race and also myself in the mile for the state track meet. I went undefeated the entire year. Never had an athlete in our school been to state. I ran at state and placed 4th. Broke the record at 4:20. Only reason I did not finish first was because I had zero competition all year long. At the end of the meet, zero recognition. Two other guys on the team were given recognition in another sport.

Fast forward three months later. No college offers, no one was interested except one college. It was past the application date to get into the school. The track coach took me to the dean's office. He went inside and had a conversation with him while I stood outside the door. No, he would not make an exception for me. I decided to go to another school and run with that coaches team independently. On the new team I did not fit in, was never a true member of the team and I did not have success so I lost interest after a year.

Every single feeling of my work experience was a direct repeat of everything that happened with this past experience. It has played over and over and over again in my life. STUCK.

What was the key feeling (of many) associated with this? RESENTMENT.

Many people will conceptually believe that they replay life's past over and over again. It is not until they experience freedom from it on this massive level will they ever begin to remotely appreciate it.

I will share a few more of these as I find them. Thank you again Tim for your wonderful creation and to Jeff and the gang for all their outstanding support and life changing contributions.


We've all downloaded PSTEC and stall, get stuck, can't find time, drift away and come back...

Here are some positive suggestions to use with the new Positive Quantum Turbo to develop a nice "habit" with PSTEC.

I'll always remember everything as I'm safe with PSTEC now
As I use PSTEC I'll follow Tim's instructions always
PSTEC is always more powerful with every moment I listen now
PSTEC works better with every word of Tim's voice now
PSTEC releases my emotions faster and easier all the time now
My negative feelings always release fully and completely with PSTEC now
My problems clear instantly as I'm free after using PSTEC now
Anytime I feel stuck I will always use PSTEC immediately now
I'll use PSTEC every day as I'm done making excuses now
I always make time for PSTEC as life gets better now
Bad feelings and memories always leave my body instantly now
The more I use PSTEC the less problems I'll have from now on
I don't have to be afraid of my feelings anymore as I use PSTEC now
Using PSTEC is like going to the gym as I always feel powerful now
PSTEC is effortless mental excercise as I do it every day now
Everytime I use PSTEC I'll forget about all my problems from now on
I'll always keep going with PSTEC as I feel more freedom now

What is your dream trying to tell you? It seems like everyone has asked the questions "What does my dream mean?" "What do my dreams symbol?" "I keep having the same dream over and over again, why?"

All you need to do is turn off the lights, go to bed and see for yourself a whole world beyond your consciousness - the world of your dreams.

I'm here to tell you that your dreams can absolutely change your life.

For those not familiar, I will introduce Edmund Bergler an Austrian-born American psychoanalyst and his voluminous contribution of books, additional unpublished volumes and book projects as well as over 300 published papers. Wikipedia summarizes his works covering such topics as childhood development, mid-life crises, loveless marriages, gambling, self-defeating behaviors, and homosexuality. He was the labeled the most important psychoanalytic theorist of homosexuality in the 1950s. Other papers are on beating fantasies, writers block, Victor Hugo, Hamlet, agoraphobia, stage fright, obscene words, smoking and the day residue in dreams among many others.

Bergler claimed that dreams can help us best when we are able to accurately decode them. When we capture our dreams and decipher them correctly, they will reveal hidden dimensions of our existence and lead us toward self-fulfillment.

I had a lot of recurring dreams. "Why? Why? Why?" I kept asking myself for decades. There are no coincidences. So I decided one day to use the "why technique" on my dreams.

There is one thing that every dreams has. Feelings. This is the key to unlocking what is behind your dreams and freeing yourself from your deepest subconscious blocks.

At first I put a notebook and pen beside my bed so anytime I had a dream I would  jot down a few notes about the dream and feelings so I could remember it more in detail. But then I would just clicktrack on the dream as soon as I woke up from it no matter what time of the night. This was when the feelings were the strongest. So why not?

I use the PSTEC accelerator package heavily. What I realized was that instead of asking "why?" all the time, why not try the "Why Technique?" on my dreams. All I needed was a feeling and those were present with all my dreams. Very strong feelings. Perfect!

The first candidate was @ 18 months ago. I woke up in the middle of the night having a dream that someone was holding me down and I had some billiard balls in my hand. I was hitting this person in the head with the billiard balls but it would not hurt the person. It did not matter how hard I hit them I felt more and more unable to escape this person. I suddenly woke up and felt the horrendous feelings that came with the dream, feeling trapped, couldn't escape, helpless, powerless etc. Too many feelings combined at once to list. Normal for many dreams. If Bergler were alive perhaps he could interpret it though there was no reason to. I had the answer already. The feeling.

I reached over and grabbed my phone to play the tapping accelerator track to start the "why technique" on the feeling. Sure enough, within 30 seconds I was transported back to my childhood. My mother worked days and had to leave us with a babysitter in the summer while we were on break. One particular babysitter was a male and his idea of punishment was to hold me down, sit on me and force me to eat mustard which I hated. (I actually love it on pretzels now hehe) he thought that was funny, though it was not. I went through life thinking it was no big deal. Psychologically, it was.

Sure enough, these feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, trapped, danger, unsafe were all tied to this event. On top of that were feelings of resentment. I had tried to clear all of these feelings many times before however, they were very stubborn. This time I found that resentment (anger) with this event was holding them all up in place. Once this was cleared with the clicktracks, I moved to an amazing new level of freedom. I noticed many forms of procrastination and avoidance patterns in my life had completely disappeared on their own as a result.

I have repeated this many times with many different dreams. Recurring dreams I had for decades - all gone now - along with the original events that were causing them and their resulting patterns.

I will post links to other major life patterns I've uncovered and resolved through my dreams in this thread as I add them ongoing to the forum.

I want to again thank Tim for his amazing reality altering contributions. There is nothing like PSTEC and no words to describe it other than it is truly the most powerful tool in the universe. Thank you!

Recently, I had a client who suffered from extreme anger and pain due to the constant feelings of anger. This person had a very dysfunctional/traumatic childhood. They were bullied heavily throughout life, suffered from countless broken social and intimate relationships, struggled with work/job loss. He was in an extreme life slump, completely stuck in all aspects of his life, his partner having an affair. he was under the duress of the threat of divorce, had been out of work for three years and could not get a job.

The symptoms of his problems and emotional suffering were similar to a disorder defined in the medical world as Posttraumatic embitterment disorder aka PTED

More about his "disorder" can be found here:

This gentleman was experiencing extreme anxiety, severe PTSD-like flashbacks, irrational fear, dark/evil angry thinking, rumination, extreme hatred and resentment all the time. It was his reality.

Over the course of about five weeks, using nothing but the 2015 clicktracks and accelerators, this gentleman was able to completely dissolve and resolve every issue associated with this.

It was rather complex and emotionally intense due to all of the various experiences/feelings that were combined together to create the bitterness (resentment) just as described at times he felt as if his face was going to explode/be ripped off because of the extreme pain caused by these stored emotions.

All of the issues he had were so complex it had become his identity. Using the PSTEC tools everything is no longer part of his reality.

Just wanted to report that once again PSTEC can work simple miracles for even the most complex issues.

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