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PSTEC Positive Secrets / PSTEC Positive and Positive Statements
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:17:56 PM »
This board is not only to talk about PSTEC Positive Secrets, but also to share your thoughts about Positive Statements used with PSTEC Positive (PP).

Share them here and you may just inspire others ... not a bad thing, yah?  ;)

Keep in mind ...

Some have asked for suggested positive statements or "standard" statements on a subject or issue.  Now, this can be helpful, but if you want to be more and more effective and efficient with PP, then you must address the issue yourself in accordance with your own personal mind model.

Each and every person has a unique mind model... that means somewhere at the time I am writing this there is over 7 billion of those out there.  We do share some common beliefs, of course, but still unique not only in content, but also in structure.

So, don't just look for a standard phrase and think about it as a "pill" to cure your ills.  Take the time to be aware of your own mind model including its definitions, conclusions, beliefs, values and behaviors.

If you need help, contact someone at the PSTEC Registry to help you.


PSTEC Positive Secrets / PSTEC Positive - It's Essential!
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:12:13 PM »
I had been working regularly with the PSTEC Positive tracks for quite a while when Tim came out with PSTEC Positive Secrets(PP Secrets).

I was using many of the techniques he talks about in PP Secrets some discovered through my own personal experimentation, but not all of them, and I suddenly realized that had I only had PP Secrets years earlier, I would have saved soooooooooo much time!  I put it down after the first read and thought, "This is an Essential!!"

Now, of course you begin with the Free Basic PSTEC Package featuring the Click Tracks.  Once you experience positive results, then you can justify investing some money and even more time into the PSTEC Tools.

As you immerse yourself more into PSTEC, you want to start with PSTEC Level 1 and Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive (included with the Level 1 Package).

Once you find yourself using PSTEC Positive (PP) and ENJOY using it, then
grab PP Secrets and elevate your beliefs and behaviors beyond what you ever dreamed of before!


I received this question in an email ...

"When I use PSTEC positive should run the session more than once (like with the free Click Tracks) or is it enough to do it just one time? In other words what is the optimal number of times to do PSTEC positive statement?"

Here's the actual answer: It depends   :D
Ok, I will expand a bit on that...

Let me first address part of this question that says, '...should run the session more than once (like with the free Click Tracks)...'

You don't necessarily have to run the Click Tracks (CT) on an emotional issue more than once.  I have worked with countless people who CT a particular memory only once and it's clear... it's down to 0-1.  But, you may have to do it more than once and your measure is how you rate the emotional intensity afterward.  But, when the intensity is not dropping at all after running the CT more than once, consider how you are targeting the CT and be sure you are following Tim's instructions literally.

Ok, onto PSTEC Positive (PP)...

With PP, it's not quite as clear when you don't need to run it anymore, but here are some guidelines:

Prior to running PP on a particular statement or suggestion, rate how "believable" it is ... how confident you feel or know you are about the subject.  Let's say you sit at a "7" of confidence or believeability on a scale of 0-10 where "10" is absolute confidence with no doubts!

After you run PP on that statement, let's say it rises to a "10"; then you will "feel" the confidence and may not need to run it again.

You see, how many times to run it, depends entirely upon you and how you feel about that statement.

Another way to determine how many times is when that statement is a "sure thing" in your mind, you will just KNOW that you don't need to run PP on that any longer.  You may look at the statement, in effect, and say to yourself, "Well, of course that's true... Duh!"   ;D   In other words, you will have a "knowing" that you don't need that statement... that it is surely a part of your mind model.

Take for example, the statement, "The sky is blue" ... when you look at that statement, do you feel you need to suggest it to your subconscious mind or do you look at that statement and have a "knowing" that it's already true in your mind?

You look for that certainty in your BEing... in your mind model.

Now, here's a bonus suggestion...

When you work with a particular suggestion, don't stop there.

Let's say you are using PP on a statement that says...
"When I get on stage I am calm and confident"

Suppose you are absolutely a "10" in belief on that... maybe even a "25!"   ;D
(it reminded me of many people when they rate an unpleasant emotion they sometimes say it's a 25!  Really high!  So, let's use those extreme perceptions in the other direction! )

Moving along...

Maybe you will be not just more positive on that original PP Statement, but expand it a bit, something like this...
"When I get on stage I am dynamic and full of energy"

So, you can expand that to other characteristics or expand on the vision of who and what you are in particular situations and also in terms of your general persona.

Malama Pono!

I have received many questions related to this:
"Where do I start with PSTEC and how do I choose from amongst all the many packages and is there an order to follow?"

This is not an official curriculum because how you proceed may depend upon what issues you are addressing.  But, let me break it down for you in this manner...

You can approach PSTEC in a "General" or "Specific" manner.

I recommend the General Approach because you will be developing skills at using PSTEC effectively for almost any issue in your life now and in the future.  In other words, you will not only have some of the most powerful tools to help manifest your most magnificent ideas and desires for your Life, but you will also possess the skills to use them.

This, of course, ALWAYS applies to therapists, counselors, practitioners and coaches as they must be able to apply PSTEC to a variety of issues with each individual mind model of the clients who are looking for guidance.

But, for self helpers, again, the General approach is about mastering the use of PSTEC and will give you incredible control to help master a wonderful life of JEEP (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) in a manner that will seem almost effortless.

But, if you are in a hurry to tackle a particular issue because you feel you are suffering far too much, then you can take the Specific approach, but, I recommend that you come back to the General approach when you are comfortable.

Specific Approach

If you are approaching PSTEC for a specific issue, like weight loss, stop smoking, blushing, etc.  There are specific tutorials and even tools for many specific issues and if you visit this site you will find a list of categories and can browse based upon your specific need.

Keep in mind that every specific issue will involve the use of at least some of the PSTEC Essentials and even  some Advanced Packages.
  • At a minimum, be sure to, of course, get the free Basic PSTEC Audio Package featuring the Click Tracks... you will always need this package for emotional clearing and release.
  • Next, the PSTEC Level 1 is a must because it gives you the basic foundation on using PSTEC effectively and also gives you the EEF's (extra strong Click Tracks) and then the PSTEC Positive tutorial and tracks... I call it the best PSTEC value because the extent of these tutorials and also ACTUAL tools to create results ... like I said ... nothing around for this value!
  • Also, PSTEC Negative is a newer package that makes the process even easier when it comes to dealing with negative beliefs.
  • Then, look for specific free and cost packages and recordings to help you apply those tools to your specific issue by browsing this site via the category listing, on this forum and also on that site there is a Free Resources section filled with free webinars, interviews, tips and even some other free tools ... browse through there and be sure to examine everything available.
General Approach
As I mentioned, the General Approach gives you the instruction and tools to begin to master PSTEC ... to learn how to use the tools in the most effective manner.
Some may ask, "Well, don't the tools just work the same on everyone."  To a certain extent, yes, but also, with over 7 billion different mind models in the world, there are some "tricky" methods the subconscious uses to avoid change and maintain the status quo.  So, at times, the approach will vary a bit and in comes the need for Advanced techniques as well.
So, here's a rundown of how to follow a PSTEC Curriculum for Mastery (just Jeff's opinion here though)...
Here are what I call the Essentials:
(Click Here for a summary of the PSTEC Essentials)

  • Begin, of course, with the free PSTEC Basic Audio Package, featuring the Click Tracks.
    Once you have experienced some results (meaning some relief from previous emotional pain or upset), then you can confidently move forward and take advantage of some of Tim's other Tools.
  • Click Tracks Made Simple ... this has a free offer available and will help you target your Click Track work even more effectively!
  • Your next step would be PSTEC Level 1 that I talked about in the Specific section above.
  • Also, PSTEC Negative is a newer package that makes the process even easier when it comes to dealing with negative beliefs.
  • PSTEC Accelerators ... if you are going to use PSTEC for extensive work; meaning for various issues that come up in your life or if you are facing some heavy, heavy and long standing traumas; best to get this package.  It not only speeds up the effectiveness of other PSTEC tracks, but also helps to encourage the subconscious to reveal more "junk" so you know what to target and, therefore, release even more barriers.
  • How to Achieve Almost Anything - The Easy Way ... this is all tutorial and no tools, but outlines many strategies to approach achieving your desires using the above mentioned tools.
  • PSTEC Positive Extra Power ... these are the latest in Tim's advancement of "PSTEC Track Technology" where he improved on the regular PSTEC Positive tracks.  I use PSTEC Positive almost everyday, so having more tracks to use plus new ones with more suggestion power, well, enough said, yah?
Here are what I call Advanced Packages:
(Click Here for a summary of the Advanced PSTEC)

Some might wonder that if they are merely "self-helping" that they don't need to bother with these, but if you are doing your own work, let's be honest, you are "being" the therapist and the more you realize and understand about how your mind is working (or not working), the more effective you will be...
  • *** PSTEC Positive Secrets *** My Goodness!!  This is my favorite because this tutorial, including a pdf version, includes some defining applications on using PSTEC Positive that are, well, groundbreaking!  I am very tempted to put this in the Essential category, but realized at least going through Level 1 is a must first.
  • PSTEC Advanced ... now you really get into aspects of the mind model as explained by Tim and you get even more insights on how to make quicker shifts as well as addressing those tough situations that seem like they will never change.
  • PSTEC Advanced Part 2 ... Tim teamed up with Peter Owen, PSTEC Master Practitioner, to put together even more defining concepts and techniques on how to expose the issues that are at the core of your problems and then how to apply the PSTEC Tools effectively.  Excellent!
  • Cascade Release ... This does have tutorial but is also a new tool that you have never seen the likes of.  Check it out.  We thought is was only for therapists to use with their clients, but feedback is increasing from many people that have used it in self-help.  You just never know.
There are some other packages and tools for therapists as well and you can find more info in this section for Therapists... including:
I know that seems like a lot, but if you move step by step, package by package, Tim will lead you to an understanding of the subconscious and exactly how to repattern it to do your bidding rather than the other way around.  :)

Aloha nui!


Confused and Not Sure Where to Start / Why Technique
« on: April 29, 2012, 12:21:02 PM »
Tim sent an email a while ago with the Why Technique ... so here is a reprint of that...
Mahalo Tim for all you do and continue to do for everyone!


Someone who'd been really struggling to make progress with the click tracks on a particular issue, went in asking "why? why? why? why?" as they focused on the emotion and used the click track.

After using them for quite some time before but getting absolutely nowhere, this novel approach took them IMMEDIATELY to the cause.

Well worth a go!

Of course this is not the standard way to use the click tracks and it should NOT be used at the outset.
But this is an excellent idea if things seem not to be shifting at all.

This may well work if all else fails.
If you do use this method and causal memories are revealed to you, be sure to clear everything you find using the click tracks.

Also, once you are confident that a problem is clear, or that the subconscious has revealed the reason, DON'T keep on asking "why?". To do so would be pointless and may slow progress.

Be sure to only use the word "why?" and NOT to form a sentence with it.
(This is similar to my tip about NOT using reminder sentences with PSTEC)

This "why?" technique may well work best when used in combination with the
 PSTEC Accelerators.
That's because the accelerators are specifically designed to stimulate recall. That combination should be really powerful but by all means use this with the standard click tracks too.

Tim Phizackerley
Creator and Founder of PSTEC

Here's an interesting question that has come up many times...
I have realized the reason why I am not doing PSTEC on my issues as much is because I don't want to focus on the things i don't want to happen. For example, if I have a fear that something terrible is going to happen in the future and i focus on hard on that and put images of that in my mind as instructed on the click tracks, my sub-conscious mind is going to hold on to those images, and start to bring them about???!!!If I am using the click tracks everyday focusing on the things I don’t want to happen, surely I am programming my subconscious mind to accept them as a want?
I agree with you, I would not want to focus on something I do not want to manifest... absolutely!

So, what's the solution?

Well, here are a few things to consider...

Many times we fear a problem so intensely that we feel we must ignore it and bury it and figure since we will not focus consciously on it, then it will disappear.  But, these strategies do not solve the problem and even if we are not focusing on it consciously (although the problem does keep cropping up consciously anyway, doesn't it?... after all, that's why we are here in the forum on this discussion, right?), our subconscious, that never sleeps, is always running that program.  It is running "under the surface" waiting for the trigger to show up and then it will be ready to fire off once again... *BANG* without any notice and out of your control.

There are times when our problems are quite subtle.  Maybe the emotional intensity is not that high and the problem can be quite elusive.  These subtle aspects of the mind are what cause things like sabotage, procrastination and promote a lack of motivation.

In reality, we are not focusing on the problem, per se.... a fine line, but a line nonetheless... we are actually practicing identification for the purpose of letting go of the problem once and for all... we are healing...

Consider this:  If you saw a deep wound on your leg... it's bleeding and not stopping on its own right away... do you ignore it because by attending to it you will make it bigger or worse?  Of course not, you attend to it and apply the proper treatment, right?

The first part of PSTEC is identification of the memory/imagined event and the emotion/feeling.  Then taking that identification (in the same way we assess the wound), then apply the proper PSTEC tool (just like we either apply a compress or even stitches and maybe an anti-biotic to be sure the wound does not get infected.

Then, we LET it heal.

Make sense?

How can we address this issue specifically?  Well, it depends upon the individual and a bit of conversation would help (this is where a practitioner may come in handy to help you), but here are a couple very general suggestions...

Address the fear of the problem manifesting in life... use the Click Tracks on the emotional issues of the fear as you expressed in your note.

Use PSTEC Positive (PP) with a Positive Statement (PS) something like this...

"I want to bring up my problems and use the PSTEC Click Tracks so that the problem will be solved completely."

Also, you can use these standard PS's that I provide to people quite often  when they are having difficulties using PSTEC (as recommended by Tim)...

I'd like to suggest that 3 PS's be used with PP prior to use of the click tracks.

"When I listen to the click tracks I follow the instructions because they are important"

"I want to feel what happened when .......... so the click tracks will be able to quickly help me."

"I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely"

Repeating these a few times before doing anything else may well pay dividends. Of course a genuine intention and desire to do this so as to be happy is important.

These are very carefully worded and so should be used verbatim.



A question was posed that I wish to share with everyone here that might be helpful:

"This is something I've been struggling with since I found PSTEC...knowing *exactly* where you are on the 1-10 scale to see if you're getting progress. How is this done?  I've been reading about muscle testing lately ... Is this an accurate way to test exactly where you are on the scale and to narrow done precisely how much results you are getting? ... is this an accurate way to test? If not, anything better?"

Well, first of all, let's talk about what PSTEC is all about from a "big picture" standpoint...

PSTEC is Truly learning about yourself... your mind model and how it works so that you can make the changes necessary to Live Life Fully and to be open to Truth and Reality instead of the tortuous life many live or, at best, the mediocre and mundane existence the majority live...

The words of Thoreau come to mind...

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."
So, to develop a mind model that supports a Life of J.E.E.P. rather than one of desperation, we must train or mentor the subconscious part of our mind that is in charge of constructing and maintaining that mind model.

PSTEC is also about Trust.  Trust in yourself, trust in your Inner Resources to manifest an outer world of J.E.E.P. rather than depending, (or, let's be honest, just hoping) upon the outer world to give you J.E.E.P. inside.... i.e., PSTEC is about putting you in the driver's seat so to speak.

Learn to Trust yourself... Trust your feelings... get to know the communication from within... this is done with practice, experience, experimentation... so, what's important is getting to know how you communicate best and finding out about Truth as it is communicated from within.
Most are conditioned NOT to communicate and listen to the inner resources... again, PSTEC is about learning to Trust again.

So, the method does not matter much, just the result... the result being Self Trust.

Make Sense?

Another great point is that we make things, most often, too complicated.  We think too much.

You can invest time into more complicated forms of knowing yourself, like muscle testing, bio feedback machines, etc.  And, while I am not deriding those, they really are not necessary and the barriers to knowing your feelings without those methods are still pervasive using those methods as well.

For example, when you tune into your feelings to get an idea about an emotional issue, as you said, "...knowing *exactly* where you are on the 1-10 scale..."; there are conscious and subconscious barriers that may not allow an accurate assessment.  Such as: the desire not to change, the belief that you can't change, etc.

Those barriers can skew or influence the assessment using other methods as well.

In fact, someone I know that uses muscle testing extensively in his practice, when asked about learning how to do it well said, "You have to practice this over and over again.  When you have practiced hundreds or even thousands of times, you will become more accurate, but never perfect."

I am going to allude once again to Thoreau since he gave us such a great quote above...

"Simplify, Simplify!"

Practice trusting your feelings and the first step to do this is in dropping the Critical Thinking that says, "How do I get an exact rating."

Success with PSTEC, in a large part, depends upon our ability to bypass the Critical Factor that protects your existing version of your mind model that keeps you "stuck."  It's the logical part of the mind... the part that's looking for exactness and perfection... those two desires can be barriers.

Ok, how can you get better... here are some practical suggestions:

  • Keep practicing while you trust that you will become better and better at assessing your feelings... and you will!
  • When tuning into a memory or imagine event, slow it down if the feelings are not obvious... don't rush through the memory... stop the "tape" of the experience and examine specific details that "seem" as if they should be upsetting.  Ask yourself, if that happened today, would I be upset and try really hard to get the emotion to come up.
  • When you tune into a memory like this, you are communicating with the subconscious that you are serious about feeling the feeling that is attached to it.
  • Use PSTEC Positive (PP) to suggest to your sub that you are open to the feelings and the feelings help you to experience more joy in life.  Here are some examples of Positive Statements you can use with PP to feel the feelings and trust the feelings...
  • I'd like to suggest that 3 PSTEC positives be used prior to use of the click tracks.
  • "When I listen to the click tracks I follow the instructions because they are important"
  • "I want to feel what happened when .......... so the click tracks will be able to quickly help me."
  • "I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely"
Repeating these a few times before doing anything else may well pay dividends. Of course a genuine intention and desire to do this so as to be happy is important.

These are very carefully worded and so should be used verbatim.

  • Look at the results in your experience of life.  In other words, find something specific in your life that you would like to manifest change and use that to gage your progress.  For example, listen in again to Meghan Saunders PSTEC Interview where she used a specific desire to gage her progress... a great step by step example of specific repatterning in desiring to manifest enjoyment while going to the danceclub.  Work on specific repatterning as Tim describes in How to Achieve Almost Anyting - The Easy Way.
  • If you are really stuck, you may just need someone to help guide you in the process for a bit to sort out the emotions and thoughts before you can take the next step to trusting yourself.  So, take some time and find a PSTEC Practitioner to help you along, even if it's only once, that may be all you need, to get a feel for how to allow feelings to come through and how to assess them.  Check out the PSTEC Registry to find a practitioner.
Remember, always practice the following when doing PSTEC work as you practice your "self patience:"
Self Awareness Witihout Self Kindness Is Self Abuse!
Take care... keep clickin'... Aloha


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