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Announcements / Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors - keep safe
« on: March 07, 2019, 05:43:56 AM »
Trigger Warning
If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse then this can feel like a very challenging time for you with the grooming and sexual abuse of children in the main stream media with the case of Australian Cardinal George Pell charged With sexual assault and the historical allegations against Michael Jackson from Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the documentary 'Leaving Neverland.'

Liz Hogon in Melbourne and me in London are seeing an increase in people triggered by these high profile cases who are themselves adult survivors of sexual abuse. These are often people in their 30s, 40s and older who have kept their secrets for decades and some are experiencing a resurgence in feelings of shame and guilt that they have kept buried for decades and are even experiencing compelling suicidal thoughts.

Both Liz and I implore you to take care of yourselves by limiting your exposure to the media covering these topics and to the bear-pit of social media which can add to a survivors sense of anguish.

PSTEC is a powerful approach to resolve and erase the commonly felt extreme feelings of shame and self-blame so please commit to doing the work to help yourselves in your recovery. If you can get outside help then all the better but whatever route you choose keep yourselves safe. Sexual assault with grooming and seduction blurs the lines and adds to the confusion and contradictory emotions for many survivors a is a more common experience than is ever admitted.

Hello Anais remember Magic Sentences work a lot like Pstec positives and you’ve done well to get your duds down with PSTEC 2015 so having done your clearing it made sense to reinforce positive outcomes with Magic Sentences. You’ve set yourself arbitrary goals of days of repetition and and I’m not sure why. Are you checking in with your feelings? What if anything is left that feels uncomfortable?

You don’t need to memorise all 4 Magic Sentences. Magic Sentences work by you concentrating on the process even if you never find the ‘right answer’.

I think it would be good to pause and explore what negative feelings are left for you around making relationships with women and even do some real world testing - in just a small way and let that guide your future PSTEC work. Best wishes to you Sally

I’ve worked successfully to resolve similar patterns with clients before. Seems to come down to needing to resolve limiting beliefs and issues around deserving - often from childhood. You could focus there.

Co-created by two PSTEC Master Practitioners and weight-loss expert therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon are pleased to announce their new on-line course 'Overcoming Emotional Eating' featuring specially selected PSTEC Click Tracks, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and hypnosis recordings. You can check it out here

Prosperity, Abundance and Money / Re: Memory dissapear
« on: July 02, 2017, 05:02:14 AM »
Key to understanding what's happening here is do the raw emotions continue or do they disappear like the memory does? 

Also are the raw emotions familiar? If so track them back to an earlier memory, conclusion or event. It's not necessary to clear every memory. Trace those feelings backbyi the originating event and clear that then you may find subsequent memories don't trigger you any more.

I feel my job as a therapist is to help the client do their own detective work so that they can focus on core issues. I see it time and time again that the 'emotional heat' is in the nuance, the pauses and that's where I begin. I've had client's who have worked hard on their own as one great guy I worked with put it 'his own root canal work' and progress was one-hundred fold more effective and life changing when working with me for instance than on his own - and that's even via Skype which I always feel is second best to working with a client in the same room.

There are lots of people on the forum who spend extensive time working on their own. I'm always surprised they don't just invest in booking a therapist and get clear in a matter of a few sessions of really targeted work. But hey that's just my view.  Regards Sally

From my findings it isn't necessary to run the PSTEC positive track any more than a few times when using it with an AffOrmation. The process allows the question to be raised by the sub and then it's about checking back in with ones beliefs, thoughts and feelings either later the same day or a day or do later. If the issue being worked with still has negative emotions or doubts, fears etc attached to it then go again with another affOrmation set up with another aspect of the  same issue.

As with all PSTEC positive work it's essential to clear first with orher PSTEC click tracks to ensure success.

'Why is it so easy for me to feel positive and achieve what I want' or your words to that effect. Sally

Hello Melissa glad to hear you found Afformations helpful. Sounds as though you're compensating for your tough schedule with emotional eating including cravings of sugary or salty foods. Me and my colleague Liz Hogon, also a Pstec Master Practitioner wrote 7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating a self help book published by Hammersmith Books London available from Amazon that shows how to use EFT, Pstec and hypnosis to resolve these issues. Disordered eating requires a thorough response as we all need to eat and it's about developing a healthier relationship with food. When working with drugs or alcohol the desired outcome would probably be cessation of any consumption but with food that's simply not an option.

If you're using the food cravings track and still eating the junk food then you've more work to do in clearing the emotions that drive you to eat. Explore the self sabotaging behaviour. We think of it as layers of an onion and you unfurl and explore, letting go and resolving old patterns of behaviour. I'd like you to be able to support yourself with the best nutrition too and that means adding into your schedule some time to prep good you can have to hand while you're working. Sounds like a big ask when your exhausted and feeling stuck but treat yourself with kindness and take it one meal at a time. I think there's other stuff going on here such as your reward system and issues around self deserving which can all be reassessed and changed for more positive, life affirming choices. Take care of you Melissa is the main thing. Best regards Sally

I love this "...I could go on an on about how great this is but it can only be explained by actually living the experience of feeling free from this."

That to me sounds like the ultimate victory. Be happy and thrive! sally

Sounds as though you're doing great work and Peter's comments have been spot on. There's just a couple of points I'd like to add.

When I'm working with a client with clearing blocks we'll often work with EFT first to get to the heart of the matter - using EFT to reveal aspects and emotions that might not have been fully obvious at the outset. We might also list or better still mind map all the aspects on paper and take the time to score them intuitively in emotional intensity. This then helps to decide the sequence of click track work/play. Focus on click tracking on the aspects with the greatest emotional intensity and instead of chasing different aspects you may find that the others are simply resolved when Clearing the  aspects with the highest intensity.

And a quick point on semantics and the subconscious. I substitute I know with I acknowledge or I realise removing the possibility of confusion between no and know.

Hope this has been helpful. Sally

Tell us About your PSTEC Story / I won Gold!! Thanks for all your votes
« on: September 30, 2016, 12:39:49 PM »
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me in the Janey Loves 2016 Awards. The ceremony was today and I was awarded Gold in the therapist category which was decided by client's votes. The organisers said I had received tremendous support so thank you all again.

The book Master PSTEC Practioner Liz Hogon and I co-wrote called 7 Simple Steps to Stop Emotional Eating featuring PSTEC, EFT and hypnosis was also short listed and held in high regard in an ultra competitive category so I think we did well up against the major publishing houses.

All in all. It's been a good day and the champagne is chilling. Thanks once more for the support from this forum and my one to one clients. Sally

Great advice from Peter as ever and wonderful to hear PSTEC conquers the fears again.
It's interesting that the part of the audio that is played backwards can be considered creepy and that's the bit I always think of as very funny. It's yet another illustration that it really isn't what the stimulus is that matters but the story we tell ourselves or the connections our mind makes.

That's great. I had some contact with Noah St John a few years ago. He's quite a character. I'm sure his approach would work brilliantly with PSTEC Positive.

Click tracking with PSTEC Positive is certainly the way to go but I would change the affirmation.

I'm not so keen on affirmations as sometimes the affirming statement sets up opposition with the sub-conscious so I prefer 'Afformations'. This different approach was created by Noah St John. He poses Afformations as questions so using his paradigm your phrase would be' Why is it so easy for me to sleep soundly and deeply?' or words to that effect. This way the sub-conscious goes on a mission to find the answer for you. He's written a couple of small books that are out of print but can still be found. I've used Afformations for years with EFT and they work great with PSTEC positive tracks too.

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