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Hi Francis
Download the FREE Basic Click Tracks if you have not already done so. Listen to the Instructions first and then follow them.
As you can remember the original incident so well, use that as your target memory while running the click tracks. Recall the shock, fear and distress you felt at that time. Replay this over and over while running the track and tapping to the Clicks and Tones. If there were other kids around at the time who perhaps later made fun of you for being scared of the bang, then add those in while tapping.
Let us know how you get on with this.

Hi Adam
I beieve we have discussed similar with you before, but here goes:

Fear of success is a fear that is as real as that of failure. Your 5 points suggest this fear in that they are procrastinating and self destructive. This could well be from childhood as Sally suggests with neagtive beliefs from that time about money and self worth. Visualise a near future where you are a successful trader with more than double your account. You need to feel excited and enthusiastic about this. Note that excitement and fear can be confused as the are both driven by the sympathetic nervous system. However fear makes you back away from things and excitement draws you in closer. There is no logic in this, merely wanting to be successful is not enough, it is about emotions,. You need to feel successful to enable it to become real. You cannot feel succesful at the same time as being afraid to become it.

The click tracks for any negative feelings and memories of failure, the belief blasters for any negative beliefs about rich people and money. These possibly sayings your parents had example "money doesn't grow on trees".

Hi Zolom7

Unforunately it is impossible to really know how well the English tracks will work for you. The Click Tracks require you to focus on keeping your hands tapping in time with the clicks. This allows Tim's words to be understood by the subconscious bypassing the conscious critical mind. However attempting to translate while tapping in time might have a similar effect but nobody knows. I suggest you try the English FREE basic Click Tracks first before purchasing any others. If they work then it might be worth trying other English PSTEC packages.


Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Programming Happiness?
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:06:04 PM »
Hi David

IMO happiness is a choice, you can choose to be happy or not. Happiness does not depend on any thing like these "I'll be happy when I win a million" "I'll be happy when I get my new car/house/whatever". If you do not see this it is possibly confusion of what is meant by happiness. Jeff has an acronym JEEP Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Peace. If you have all of that then I think you would say you were happy. PSTEC was designed as a set of self-user tools to help bring this state about from any starting point. I see it as a state of high self-worth/esteem/confidence which if you had would be very similar to JEEP. The problem is that happiness is not one emotion but several and the balance of these is different for everyone and changes in different circumstances. In PSTEC we strongly suggest removing all the negative emotions first that block or stop you from being happy. Then working with positive techniques to help you build the life you want to live. Just programming in beliefs about being happy is going to be much slower to have an effect while the baggage from your past gets in the way. This is why we nearly always suggest using the Click Tracks first.


Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Education- You're amazing
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:37:29 AM »

Although I cannot answer your questions for Tim, I do know he would suggest that we all bring up our children in a caring loving environment. Further he would always be positive and encouraging, free from self-limiting beliefs. Children learn the same way fish learn to swim. They do not need to be taught an awful lot just surrounded with the right things to learn from. Young children live in what adults might regard as a dream world where anything can be "real" also they tend to take whatever is said to them as true because they have no past experience to suggest otherwise. So what you say to your children has an impact far deeper than you as a parent can imagine. Evenmore what you say also has an emotional effect, they feel what you say. By imitating your body language they can understand what you really mean not just what you say. Hence the caring loving environment. There is so much more to say but a lot of the people who write in on this forum for help are doing so because they did not get these basics.


Hi Adam

Hopefully you got a chance to read my post before it disapeared. Wonderful thing the internet! If not here it is again in brief.

Your example negative beliefs are not really negatives. They are all said as an aid to successful trading by removing stress and keeping relaxed about it, that is by removing your attachment to the outcome. If you worry about whether every deal is going to make or lose you money, you will lose overall. That worry and stress is created by fear, fear of failure or success or their effects are the real negatives that you need to remove. You know that you will win some and lose some, the game is to win more than lose, right? If you invest too much emotion into the outcome it is a rollercoaster that for a while is exciting then it will wreck you, if you get rich or go broke, either way.

First CT imagined futures both the extremes of getting super rich (you might get a mansion and a fast car but unless you are happy?) also going stoney broke and owing everybody money.
I believe it would be better to PP beliefs that progress from "I can be a successful trader" to "I will be a successful trader" to "I am a successful trader" or similar.
However if you must PP your examples then it is important to remember they are not just a form of words. You have to imagine the statements being true and feeling good about it. With PP you are associating/anchoring the words to feelings, so make them good positive feelings.


Improve Sports Performance with PSTEC / Re: weight training
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:15:14 AM »
Hi glynrees

The Click Tracks will reduce/remove any feeling/emotion If you can focus on that feeling "cantbearsedness" while running a Click Track it will reduce the intensity of that feeling. Repeat as required until gone or very low. You do need to assess this using the 0-10 scale before and after every playthrough.

Speaking as a long term runner and having been sidelined by injuries, could it be that you are worried about injuring again? Not just the pain of it but the heartbreak of not being able to do what you love to do. You define yourself as a bodybuilder it becomes part of who you are, mentally and physically in the case of bodybuilding. When training you feel good when you are in control and shaping your body how you want it to be. When injured you have lost control. This is gaining and losing self-esteem/confidence. This is possibly what underpins your "cantbearsedness". If this resonates with you then it gives you other negative feelings to ClickTrack.

There is much more but get started with the Click Tracks and let us know how you get on.

Confused and Not Sure Where to Start / Re: overspending
« on: February 08, 2018, 07:34:47 AM »

My suggestion is to remove as many of the fears as possible that drive your spending habit before working on any positive saving habits. If you can do this it will make the savings habit easy. The spending is emotional with quick (but short lived) gratification while the savings is logical and with very delayed and little sense of gratification. The emotions are stronger and more powerful than the reasoned save for a rainy day, you know it makes sense rationale. So you need to work with what ever of the Click Tracks works best for you first and keep going until you feel the difference.


Confused and Not Sure Where to Start / Re: overspending
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:21:24 AM »
Hi glynrees

Terrified on how to survive when your contract ends? That fear/terror is where to start. Imagine that very future event happening and run a Click Track imagining the worst that can happen. Clearing this will give you a greater understanding of why you spend. Possibly there is a sense of security in doing so a feel good factor so you should Click Track feelings generated by not spending, what would it feel like if you didn't. Click track those!

Once these fears are removed then you can start working on creating a savings habit.


Tell us About your PSTEC Story / Re: When to take exam?
« on: February 02, 2018, 08:02:27 AM »
Hi Nik

Re Insurance speak to Balens I found them friendly and helpful.

When to take the exam? Now! If you are doubtful Click Track those doubts which are created by fears. Fear of failing the exam, (not a biggie, you can take it again) Fear of passing and having to use your skills with any repercussions, (you are only doing your best to help others), whatever CT it. Then run a positive to the effect that you are capable of passing comfortably. Then do the test. It worked for me!


Hi Clearingman

Trying v Doing: The difference is fear of the consequences, that is fear of success or failure for what ever reasons. One is more like making the attempt the other "feeling the fear and doing it anyway".

Trying v Feeling: If you cannot get the feeling then trying will do. It is better to be clicking anything than not at all. If you cannot access the feeling and or memory you could create a fictional event that might happen to you that would produce the same or similar emotion, and CT that fictional event.


Hi Clearingman

You have made a great start to clearing your issues. 1) You have a goal in mind "I know I am capable of achieving so much, and already have. I know I am a good person, and I aim to treat people fairly, and help others as much as i deem possible." 2) You have made a start on doing something about it, you have found PSTEC. 3) You have started to work out the steps of "how to get from here to there", you have started to ask questions on this forum. Working towards a goal improves self-esteem which will in itself help reduce those issues. But your problem is not the issues as you have discussed but what created them. You were not born with social anxiety and depression, you in effect learnt to have them. Something or series of things combined created those issues or symptoms if you like. You may not have actually noticed until some years after the original causative event/s. What to do about it though?

Absolutely the next step if you have not already done so, is to download the FREE Basic Click Tracks, listen to the instructions and have a go and play with it, so you are familiar with what you are required to do.

Write out a list on paper of all the things you would rather not have happened to you throughout your life. (If that takes  a lot of paper, it is only time and paper.) The earliest which may seem trivial in themselves are also important. Mark on your list the memories that feel most raw or painful, be they recent or old, and Click Track those first! Apologies for this basic generic advice, but I have to start somewhere.

If you have any questions at all please keep on asking, do not hesitate or think it is a waste of time. We are here to help you. PSTEC has helped many thousands of people with all sorts of problems, it can help you too!


Belief Blasters / Re: Blasting "positive" beliefs
« on: September 23, 2017, 11:52:36 AM »
Hi Mac

Lower level positive beliefs blocking higher level ones? This sounds to me like those lower level positives are actually negative ones turned into positives using  positive spin. Although you might say those spun beliefs to yourself, do you actually believe them or are they excuses? Reasonable sounding words created as a more acceptable face of negativity? A form of procrastination perhaps?

Just a thought!

Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive / Re: PPE to deepen a belief?
« on: September 23, 2017, 11:27:28 AM »

Where I feel PE would be of benefit is on some self-love type statements which for the most part we may "consciously" believe and yet unconsciously may not have total buy in. Random example "I am a wonderful person" ...some days yes and some days, not so much, right?  Or "I find it easy to....", "It is easy for me to ....." that type of belief - to enhance a more positive outlook on some areas of life.

You wrote unconsciously, In the world of PSTEC we would say subconsciously. This layer of mind is all about emotions/feelings and is more powerful than the conscious layer which uses language. If there is some belief you do not totally "buy in" to, then you have some emotional resistance to it. You can just keep on working away with PE using the most effective statements as guided by Positve Secrets, eventually you will wear down that resistance. A faster process would be to remove that negative emotion first with one of the Click Track packages. This sort of removing the road blocks to absolute belief.

Ask yourself "why"! "I love to exercise" so why am I still lying in bed? Why have I not got my kit together and be on the way to the gym? What reasons come up? See through those first flimsy excuses and ask yourself, now what are the real reasons? These are feelings not logical, they will likely be difficult and messy to tie down. Don't try, just click track them.

A positive way of enhancing the self-love thing would be to download and listen to the FREE Wealth of Abundance. This hypnotic track by Tim aims to increase gratitude, for the things we have and do not have yet? Gratitude is an essential part of self-love, that and forgiveness. But here I am getting a bit beyond the scope of this post.


Hi Boobinsko

There are many interesting topics raised in your post the discussion of which is probably outside the reference of this Forum, thank you though for your feedback.

The main point for me is that you have pesisted and experimented, done some research and found a way through that works for you. We could discuss and debate for hours and hours about the how and why's, but as long as you have found ways to improve your life then we are happy and proud for you. If PSTEC has played a part in this, then even better.

I believe Bill Gates named the Windows operating system from the idea of looking into a room through windows in different walls. This enabled a better picture of the inside of the room. (Replace room with data or information). Looking at an issue from a different but linked point of view or views (reframing) enables better understanding.

Re Belief Busters. As I am so new to it myself I will refrain from comment until I have used it more for myself. But maybe someone else will answer.


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