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You can also add in the PQT

I will now remember every word Tim says because it's very important.

Excellent book! Applied a few things from it to myself with magnificent results. Thank you.

That's wonderful news and proof!

Before you listen again, you might benefit from installing these suggestions with the long PQT track.

I now completely accept Tim's every word flaws and all safely
I now realize what Tim said is completely true every time automatically

Keep going!

Two beliefs you can blast that will make a big difference:

My life is awful
I will never be happy

Put them in past tense and really think about your life as far back as you can remember in every area of your life moving forward to the present and really feel those feelings while you run the track.

Hi Brian,

thanks a lot for suggesting these statements!

I believe each one of these has a place in my experience, so thank you for helping me identifying them.

I wanted to ask you first if this belief is OK for blasting:

"I will never get a decent job soon".

I'm not sure about "soon", but I think that's key in my situation, because i don't care having a new decent job in 3 years from now.

I just finished listening to the instructions and learned that the statements must be in the past tense.

So that would be:

"I've never got a decent job soon"

...which, sound a little weird!

I don't know if I'm phrasing this correctly, but that's probably because English is not my first language.

I'd love to hear from you about this.


You can look at it lots of ways:
I would never have gotten a decent job
I would have been able to get a decent job
I had been unable to get a decent job
I would have been unable to get the job I wanted
Getting a job takes a long time
Getting a job was hard

But take it a step further and ask why.

Don't deserve? it not good enough? Not worthy? Not experienced enough?

Those are the root causes you will want to focus your work on.

Other important ones for belief blasters

I fail to change
I failed to change

I would also suggest you blast

My life is a failure
I am unable to succeed in life
I am a failure at succeeding/success
I failed to succeed
I will fail to succeed
I won't succeed
I am unable to succeed in life
I am a failure with money
I am a failure with others
I am a failure to others
I failed to win
I'm a failure at winning
I am a loser
I won't/can't/unable to accomplish anything in life
Failure is bad
Failure is wrong
Failure is embarrassing
Failure is shameful
I shouldn't fail

You can easily neutralize this using the free basic clicktracks. You can also easily eliminate the beliefs around the problem using belief blasters.

You can also really take this as far as your imagination can imagine (and even further) by using ONLY positive quantum turbo.

Example suggestions for you could be:

"I will feel really happy absolutely knowing I'm a complete success right now"
"I will feel very happy and grateful absolutely knowing I'm successful right now"
"I will feel completely confident absolutely knowing I'll succeed starting right now"
"I find myself succeeding so much more now feeling completely safe"
"I definitely expect to be successful from now on as I relax more"
"I will now realize how incredibly safe and easy it is to succeed"
"I now notice myself feeling so much more successful every moment"
"I will now consistently succeed somehow every time from now on"
"My days of failing are completely over and long gone now"
"My moments of feeling like a failure are completely behind me right now"
"I now realize my thoughts of failing make absolutely no sense at all"


You may also consider adding in other suggestions on success around, deserving, being enough, worthy etc.

I would suggest to use the long PQT track on these. Tim suggests between 8-10 words though I find longer ones also work very well. It really is all about how the suggestions are worded.

I would definitely suggest blasting the beliefs I am a failure and I am unable to succeed with belief blaster you may need to run it more than once.

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: No More Anxiety & Anger
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:29:31 AM »
As far as being safe, I have listened to both myself while doing so. What matters is that you listen carefully to what is being said and that you think about what is being said (not just let the words wash over you) and how it has applied in the past and/or will apply in the future to you as you listen to it while you really try hard to feel the feelings associated with those thoughts the entire time.

If you fall asleep, it's ok. I also used to listen to them on my daily walk. It's like exercising your mind and body at the same time. :)

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Birth trauma => ruined life?
« on: July 05, 2019, 11:10:49 AM »
Have you belief blasted "I am lazy" and "I am a lazy person"

Provided that you may also have a deeper belief "I am worthless"

Give it a go and notice anything different afterwards.

Be sure to really feel the feelings as you imagine anything associated with it including him saying that.


I listened to both tracks many months.WHats important is that you listen carefully to the words, really focus on them think and feel the worst situations you can remember or imagine could happen in the future. Re wally feel the feelings the whole time.

It's possible you have many of the beliefs, but not all of them. You might also have some that are not listed. You can start with what you feel now and you will likely gain more awareness of others as you go.

Yes. Some of them you will need to break down because they are "complex" beliefs

e.g. I can’t let anyone too close they’ll just disappoint me

I can’t let anyone too close
people/others disappoint me
People I love disappoint me


Great PQT suggestions to help are:

I now definitely notice myself feeling completely secure and safe about relationships
I now realize relationships are absolutely safe because I feel completely secure

Prosperity, Abundance and Money / Re: Im just not happy in my life
« on: June 20, 2019, 01:52:09 PM »
Loneliness is a different animal and can be more complex.

I recommend you make a list of all the reasons why you feel lonely and ct them all to a 1 or 0

Some PQT suggestions can help alleviate it but I would start there. You may find that when you address the happiness first the loneliness may shift for you.

Never Give Up!

I used to think this but I changed it to KEEP GOING!

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