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  1. Porn Induced ED
  2. FML
  3. Fear of confrontation - Help needed - My Journey with PSTEC
  4. How many times?
  5. Affirmation for adjusting to the night shift
  6. quick question about belief statements - using conjunction
  7. Something Tim said on the recording scared me
  8. How would I find Primers for this?
  9. Stage Fright
  10. Opening and closing your eyes
  11. Need to run negative/positive tracks again? - Questions on best practices
  12. Belief Phrase Variations
  13. Question about "I'm not good enough"
  14. ENRAGED by my negative belief
  15. Help With Identifying Belief
  16. Insomnia is in control
  17. should I also focus on feelings when doing PSTEC negative?
  18. New Way of Doing PSTEC Negative
  19. PSTEC Neg on deep, core beliefs
  20. Need assistance with PSTEC Negative
  21. help the beginner in PSTEC
  22. Being specific/vague
  23. Bad Habits
  24. Belief confusion
  25. Used PSTEC negative a few times.. some questions about what's happening.
  26. Finding the most basic belief
  27. After identifying a core belief
  28. Benefits of the new PSTEC Negative in surfacing deep hidden beliefs
  29. No Difference After PSTEC?
  30. Identifying Negative Core Beliefs
  31. How to use PSTEC Neg w/ other PSTEC Tools
  32. Connecting with the belief
  33. Confused About PSTEC Negative
  34. Difficulty imagining jumbling up the words in my sentence
  35. Using the Accelerator tracks with PSTEC Negative?
  36. EEFs vs. PSTEC NEgative
  37. The sentence
  38. Hey, so when is Pstec Negative coming out ?
  39. Just Released ... PSTEC Negative!!!