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Author Topic: A profoundly powerful self-worth suggestion for Positive Quantum Turbo PQT  (Read 174 times)


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Hi everyone - I often get folks who private message me about creating suggestions for PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo. As others have mentioned, PQT is powerful enough to often times collapse entire problems and behaviors - provided you have a really well worded suggestion. It's been said by many PSTEC Practitioners in their posts, book and yes, Tim has offered it throughout his tutorials.

It can be overwhelming to some to attempt to create the right suggestion. They become impatient, get frustrated, have doubt in the tools and even stall or give up. (All great things to CT!) So rather than get into a long post about how to word suggestions, here is a single suggestion that has worked wonders for me time and time again. It can create tremendous shifts enough on it's own.

I'm absolutely ______________ enough exactly as I already am now

If you want to test this, I would suggest to first simply install the suggestion

I'm absolutely enough exactly as I already am now

From there, you can use the example I have provided above and fill in the blank with any "worth" related word you want. e.g.

In control (you can tweak the wording to I absolutely have enough control)

I always use the 15 min PQT with this suggestion. The key to effectiveness with PQT is to really try hard to say the power words loudly with your inner voice as loud and forceful with as much power as you possibly can. This will make a massive difference in the results of PQT for you.

You can follow it up with a slightly similar suggestion if you want to add a little more power using the 10 min track with:

I'm absolutely ______________  now completely as I already am now

You can then add on even more suggestions of your desire to step it up e.g. "I'm absolutely worthy now of anything I want now" "I'm absolutely worthy of (a $100k salary/more money) now I completely deserve it now" and I find that the 10 min version is powerful enough for these once you have the primary suggestion in. Often times subsequent suggestions aren't even necessary until you want to get more specific.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has posted here and to Tim for creating this life changing tool certainly worthy of a Nobel Prize. Hope this helps and any feedback of your results are absolutely always welcome.

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Thanks a lot Brian. This is gold


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