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  1. I can't believe this! Amazing
  2. PSTEC Positive and Self-Love Mirror Work
  3. Positive NON-Tapping Protocol
  4. Using PP to deliver "negative" beliefs that support my goals.
  5. Question about using the click tracks
  6. Using PEP - Journey version
  7. Positive Walk
  8. PPE to deepen a belief?
  9. MOVED: PS Positive Secrets and Positive Extra Power
  10. MOVED: Please help with crafting affirmations.
  11. MOVED: Success affirmations for general success.
  12. Using the Positive/Positive Extra - Non-Tapping - "Journey" Track
  13. How I easily obliterate programs that cause negative thoughts and feelings
  14. PSTEC Positive vs. PSTEC Positive Extra Power
  15. How Many Times In One Day
  16. Using PSTEC Positive with AffOrmations
  17. Positive Statements - Triggers
  18. Having trouble with beliefs/behaviors
  19. PSTEC Positive Statements
  20. "thin-skinned"
  21. Clairification on Positive Non Tapping Journey
  22. PSTEC Positive to remember magic sentences
  23. Crafting an effective statement
  24. Confused on the PSTEC Positive Tracks
  25. specific material success
  26. Not sure what statement to use
  27. Positive Track 2
  28. Difference between Positive Empowered and Positive Extra Power
  29. Why am i not getting anywhere?
  30. positive extra for "experience"?
  31. writing out positive statement?
  32. Where to find/buy PSTEC Positive?
  33. PP Wording
  34. PSTEC Positive trigger for "feelings"
  35. Positive Statements
  36. PSTEC to increase fatloss and build muscle..
  37. How Many Times do I use PSTEC Positive with a particular statement?
  38. Suggestion Trigger
  39. Using PP & Sleep Programming For Releasing?
  40. PSTEC POSITIVE-which track is best
  41. PP for Extreem Self confidence
  42. Healthy way to relive good memories and install new beliefs
  43. PP on general productivity vs working on specific tasks?
  44. Need PS suggestions for getting up early
  45. I want a total self transformation
  46. Using Pstec Positive as a shortcut
  47. I think, I got excited on distractions, as the rresults are not the same to firs
  48. Recurring Problem
  49. Frustrated with the positives
  50. Positive Statements