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PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Re: Suggestions that involve other people
« Last post by Ej on October 28, 2019, 07:30:44 AM »
Thanks Paul!

Does wording matter much?

Is there a difference between

I am incredibly attractive to beautiful women
Beautiful women find me incredibly attractive

I am thinking the first one puts the focus and power on me and not outside, but maybe since it is a belief the results are the same.

Any input? Thanks in advance
Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Belief Blasters + PQT + CT2015 how to run
« Last post by Paul on October 27, 2019, 07:30:50 PM »
Hi Ej,

Thanks for your post.

With PSTEC, there is no "one way", but the protocol you have set up looks comprehensive and allows you to utilise and familarise yourself with several of the top-grade PSTEC tools.

Definitely experiment with the approach and find what works best for you. You can always mix it up too, as this will give you variety.

I think it is important to note that each tool has the ability to facilitate unbelievable changes in your Mind Model.

I hope other PSTEC users will weigh in with their own protocols, as this will further illustrate there is no "one size fits all."  Moreover, such suggestions are very helpful to the community.

The tracks you have referenced are certainly the newest and most advanced. However, the older tracks are still tremendously effective and are worth incorporating into long-term PSTEC work. They offer more variety, different suggestions of change and can help you mix it up.

All the best,

Paul  :D

Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Cant stay focused when I listen to Tim.
« Last post by Paul on October 27, 2019, 07:18:03 PM »
Hi Johan,

Thanks for your follow-up post.

Please keep us updated.

My sincere apologies, as I missed your question:

Maybe I could have use for a few more if you got any left :)
Also a question about the first one. I dont really understand pain.. can there be some kind of pain blocking my ability to focus.

There could be some pain you have associated with focusing. Therefore, not focusing or not allowing yourself to feel could be a strategy.

Try these additional BBs to see if they resonate:

"Focusing on the pain was dangerous"
"I had to avoid my bad feelings"
"Focusing was beyond me"
"It was not OK to let go of bad feelings"

Hope this is helpful, Johan

Again, please update the thread with your progress and any additional questions.

Paul  :)
Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Belief Blasters + PQT + CT2015 how to run
« Last post by Ej on October 26, 2019, 01:17:19 PM »
So I have been running some combos of BB + PQT + CT2015 short versions at night

My question is basically what is better to run, a session of all 3 every night on a related issue:

CT: feelings of rejection + BB: I am not good enough + PQT: I am incredibly enough now

Or is it better to run the long versions one per day.
Night 1: CT long version feeling of rejection
Night 2: BB long version
night 3: Accelerator + PQT
night 4 & on: repeat with another belief

What do you guys think? and one last question
I am running CT2015 + BB + PQT because I understand those are the most powerful versions of each is this correct?

thanks in advance

PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Re: Suggestions that involve other people
« Last post by Paul on October 26, 2019, 09:20:15 AM »
Hi Ej,

Thanks for posting.

Whatever you believe will influence your reality. So, if you genuinely believed "Beautiful women find me incredibly attractive now", that would alter your thoughts and behaviours.

To keep it brief, I think it would be far more effective to eliminate:

- any discomfort you feel around women you find beautiful (CT)

- any "need" to get external validation (CT while thinking of times you experience that need)

- any beliefs you have about your own attractiveness or perceived self-worth (e.g. "I am not attractive", "I am ugly", "I am not worthy", "Beautiful women don't/couldn't find me attractive")

Then go in with the suggestions about being attractive and comfortable.

For example:

"When I am around beautiful women, I feel attractive" and "It is absolutely true that I am an attractive person"

Hope that helps, Ej.

Kind Regards,

Paul  :)
Hi Ammy,

Thanks for posting.

I appreciate you sharing and can assure you that many other people will identify with what you have written.

Some people feel things very profoundly, while other people have difficulty getting in touch with their feelings. Many people fluctuate between the two.

So, let's go with:

- How do you know you have a problem? (Is it a feeling, thoughts etc.?)

-What does it feel like to be seized up?

Get in touch with that and, by seeing if you can identify specific times these feelings have shown up, you can CT the feelings.

You can also CT the feelings as you are experiencing them. You can then point those feelings towards specific memories. Doing so will provide some relief.

Also, see if the following beliefs resonate with you:

"Life was difficult"
"I was flawed"
"Everything was too much"
"I couldn't handle living like this"
"I had to avoid my painful feelings"
"I was not OK"
"It was not acceptable to be like me"
"Change was impossible"
"Nothing worked for me"
"I was separate"
"I was alone"
"Nobody understood me"
"There was something wrong with me"

If so, please run these through the Belief Blasters.

I think this would be a good place to start, so please let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,

Paul  :)
Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Re: Becoming an alpha male with PSTEC
« Last post by Paul on October 26, 2019, 07:59:30 AM »
Hi Ej,

Thanks for your post.

Here's a thread that gives some excellent suggestions about this topic:

Be very clear on what a confident, attractive, successful leader looks like. How would YOU embody that?

I think it is so important to make that real for yourself, and also to be clear on the WHY underneath it all.

What would it give you that you feel you currently lack?

You are, I sense, on the right track (no pun intended) in CTing the feelings of insecurity, neediness and anger.

In addition to this,  I would recommend using the Belief Blaster to eliminate the sort of beliefs that might get in the way of your goals.

Look at core beliefs such as:

"I was unattractive"
"I was weak"
"I was not good enough"
"I was a failure"
"I didn't matter"
"I was not acceptable"
"I was not important"
"I was not OK"
"I was not safe in this world"

Say each belief statement out loud and, if it feels true, heavy or painful, it would indicate you hold it on a subconscious level and then you could blast it.

Eliiminating beliefs like that would be very effective in shifting how you feel about yourself and how you behave in the world.

With the beliefs, it tends to be much more effective to go for the core. So, the pattern (if you will) is insecurity. You would be looking for the type of beliefs that would create that pattern. For example, "I am insecure, because..."

With the PQTs, aim for 7-12 words in the statement for maximum efficacy.

Please let us know how you get on with this.

All the best,

Paul  :)

Using the CTs, BB and PQT is an excellent protocol.
PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo / Suggestions that involve other people
« Last post by Ej on October 25, 2019, 04:06:49 PM »
So if my suggestion for PQT is:

Beautiful women find me incredibly attractive now

Does that work? I know it doesn't make women like me, but does it make me behave confidently around women because I believe they will find me attractive?

What do you guys think?
I'm experiencing mental overwhelm and paralysis with everything and i don't even know where to start as there is 'too much wrong with me/too much to change to even know where to begin'.
I have quite a lot of 'schemas' (inflexible patterns of thought, feeling and behavious) and am in a program to help break the patterns so i thought i could use PSTEC to help with it but i don't even know where to begin, i feel completely seized up (again that is a pattern for me) and like i am faced with a mountain i have no idea how to even begin climbing.
I know Tim doesn't like labels and over the years ive been one for collecting them to figure out 'what is wrong with me' which has never made me feel better.
But i am fairly sure i fit the bill of Dependant personality disorder and Avoidant personality disorder- i am terribly avoidant.
I am tired of being how i am and feel like i need to be entirely the opposite of how i am, i just feel frustrated and stuck and don't know how to move forward when i don't even know where to begin.
I struggle to feel anything either so during pstec tracks i end up having to imagine how i would feel in situations as i cant evoke it. I know Tim says that youve just got to try and feel the feeling rather than actually feel it but i wonder if i am somehow doing the tracks wrong.

I want to use PSTEC but so far have just used it on events i have been worried about in future and i like to think that my use of PQT and pstec recently was the cause of me being more calm than usual during a performance.

I've considered seeing if i can work with a PSTEC practitioner to help me unravel some of my 'stuff' and help me focus my efforts but it isn't helpful if i just go 'i have these schemas/ maybe a personality disorder/ my whole life/myself feels like the problem.'

I'm not even in a crisis or anything... i just seem to feel numb, like i have functional depression. Nothing is terrible but nothing is good either. I just exist in a numb functional little bubble.

So i just don't know where to begin or go with all of this.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Miscellaneous and Other Topics / Becoming an alpha male with PSTEC
« Last post by Ej on October 24, 2019, 06:49:53 AM »
Hey guys,

I know "alpha male" is a controversial term and I'm not looking to create a discussion around it. But despite the term, what I mean is how to use pstec to become a confident, attractive, leader, successful guy.

I think I could use every night
CT 2015
Belief blaster

What I will try to do is:
CT  feelings of insecurity, neediness, anger

Belief Blast: I have been insecure, I have needed other people's approval, I haven't succeeded, Beautiful women haven't been attracted to me.

PQT: I am incredibly attractive now, I am absolutely confident now, I absolutely accept myself now, I am able to achieve anything I want now, I am a man who takes immediate action now

Does this sound like a good idea / protocol?

thanks guys!
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