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  1. Counterdependency - The Invisible Intimacy, Career and Money Destroyer
  2. Heartbroken and not sure what to use to get better other than click tracks
  3. Parent's burden
  4. Women, Rejection and Beauty
  5. Not being able to trust
  6. Overcompensation
  7. Sexual Problem
  8. Male Insecurity
  9. Targeted strategies for dealing with 3rd Party insecurities?
  10. Removing all resentment and getting back together with a person?
  11. Social Iniciatives
  12. Breaking Up
  13. Childhood Conditioning - Anger - Abandonment - Death
  14. TriangulatiON of beliefs
  15. Flakes
  16. Being boring
  17. Masculine intent & Action taking
  18. Liking or loving oneself.
  19. Old relationship is still bothering me I need some help
  20. PSTEC Positive Affirmations
  21. Can I use PSTEC to stop constantly having a thought caused by a relationship?
  22. Getting rejected by girls i like
  23. Deep-seated fear of abandonment
  24. Can we CT to get rid of positive emotions such as love?
  25. Male Enhancement
  26. I can't let it go
  27. Block won't release
  28. Should I poke into painful triggers?
  29. Painful Relationship
  30. Breaking up with a first love
  31. Need to forget about my ex-girlfriend - not sure of the process..
  32. Seeking Approval
  33. PSTEC Positive wording regarding socializing
  34. Feeling angry after session
  35. Sexual Confidence
  36. obsessed!
  37. Re: obsessed!
  38. How to know when subconscious is prodding ?
  39. Jelousy, envy..awful thoughts and feelings
  40. Painful Marriage
  41. Divorcing and cant quite get it gone
  42. Loneliness/Sadness
  43. I have a Crush
  44. My ultimate fear: rejection
  45. I am unable to attract healthy relationships
  46. New Aspects in Problematic Relationship
  47. By-product of using Positive Tracks
  48. Obsessive thoughts and relationships
  49. Ending a relationship
  50. Where does the rejection feeling come from