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  1. Feeling and sensation without the memory
  2. Stomach bracing when is social situation - best approach anyone?
  3. Working with Blushing
  4. Abject Terror of flying!!!
  5. Freezing during interview programming test
  6. Anxiety without reason
  7. Problems with authority
  8. Sex
  9. PSTEC for cravings
  10. Phobia being around loud and verbally aggressive people
  11. Social anxiety and PTSD suggestions
  12. No More Anger
  13. Anxiety driving after a car accident
  14. How about using VR with PSTEC for public speaking anxiety?
  15. No More Anxiety: My Mission to Cure General Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorder
  16. Aftermath from quitting smoking
  17. Fear of loud and sudden noises... Lack of sleep.
  18. Unhelpful thinking styles
  19. Cure for Agoraphobia - My Treatment for the Cause of Agoraphobia "Get Mad At It"
  20. Obsessive Thoughts
  21. Stop rumination
  22. Anxiety cured with PSTEC?
  23. Blood pressure and White Coat Syndrome
  24. How to use PSTEC with Severe Anxiety & Depresssion with physical symptoms
  25. Stop Anxiety: How to cure general anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder
  26. Need some help here.
  27. PSTEC for anxiety due to death losses
  28. Gameplan to work on blushing issue
  29. Purchased a house, now making me feel terrible anxiety / stress.
  30. Deepy rooted "I'm not good enough" belief
  31. Approach Anxiety
  32. Has anyone been able to cure blushing?
  33. Anxiety around other men
  34. Severe PTSD
  35. Panic Attack when Trading
  36. Acne
  37. Booze makes me into someone I'd like to be without it
  38. Social Anxiety and Approach Anxiety
  39. OCD & where to find the info in the Advanced package
  40. Zap your Exam nerves FAST with PSTEC and EFT
  41. Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, and OCD
  42. Repeating
  43. Work anxiety causes shakes.
  44. Erythrofobia
  45. Rosacea and acne getting me down
  46. Judging myself in a negative way
  47. Facial Blushing/Rosacea/Anixety
  48. I yawn and my eyes fill with tears when releasing a negative emotion
  49. How hard should I hold onto the anxiety?
  50. newbie achtung