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  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Interesting reactions
  3. 35 Years of Substance Addiction, Abuse and Anxiety gone in 120 minutes
  4. VICTORY Over Fear Of Heights
  5. Clearing feeling that are bad but you don't want to go away
  6. We Live In the Light of Reflected Action - Freedom from Being Stuck in Life
  7. First impressions with pstec.
  8. Didn't know where to put this topic, but felt i had to share it
  9. When to take exam?
  10. Aversion to the Tapping and More Drawn to Tim's Verbal Message
  11. PSTEC for severe stroke
  12. Interdependence
  13. Stop Smoking Package - My Experience & Results
  14. Life is looking brighter
  15. Re: belief blaster
  16. PSTec Positive: wording for clearing blocks
  17. Anger packages
  18. Loving using PSTEC with clients but ?
  19. Projecting shame - how to do CT?
  20. turning a corner...
  21. A vote request please
  22. Negative patterns being played out, how do I use PSTEC?
  23. Trouble getting rid of nighttime anxiety
  24. Focusing on issues
  25. Fear of change gone!
  26. Profound Change - Not Good Enough
  27. A life of its own
  28. PSTEC - The Good News
  29. PSTEC does not work. Why?
  30. done over 100 hrs of work on click tracks on traumas, still have complex trauma
  31. Sally Baker PSTEC Master Practitioner invited to speak at AMT 2015 Conference
  32. Pstec is working....its bring back a lot of issues id forgot all about.
  33. How many times a day
  35. Using PSTEC while walking
  36. 1st results from pstec, im quite shocked how well it worked
  37. Two major successes with PSTEC
  38. OCD+Perfectionism+Depression = Conquerable
  39. Depression
  40. Help Required to Get Started!
  41. Second day of Using PSTEC
  42. Using PSTEC CTs while exercising
  43. PMS and my first experience with PSTEC
  44. Tim is my best friend and a top dude
  45. Fear of flying.
  46. Will it help on an ongoing problem.
  47. Fear of Everything
  48. Can I use PSTEC Positive this way?
  49. MOVED: feelings
  50. Memory reconsolidation?